What I Didn’t Buy – 1940s Cowboy Print Skirt and Blouse

My dad used to joke that my mother’s middle name was “Go” and now my husband makes the same joke about me.  But a more appropriate name for me would be “Stop!”  That because I can’t pass by an antique store without stopping.  Seriously, it’s a miracle I ever get to a destination.

My trip last week was no exception.  I had plenty of stops scheduled on the way to West Virginia and on the way home from Washington.  Actually I had too many stops planned, but more about that later.

One thing that caught my eye was this great little top from the 1940s.  I hope you can tell that the print is a bucking bronco with a cowboy flying over the fence.  I pulled the top from the rack and checked the price.  It was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but then I realized there was another piece – a skirt.  The price became more in line with what I would have expected, and I started contemplating a purchase.

I never let myself get too excited about a piece until I check it over for condition issues.  At first glance this looked pretty good.  There was an open seam in one armhole, which is an easy fix.

But then I noticed what looked to be bleach spots on the skirt.

That was problematic, but was still not a deal breaker.  Then I looked at the buttons, and that is what changed my mind.

There was only one button left, and the others had been torn away with gaping holes left in their place.  I put the set back on the hanger and left it for someone who could love it as it was.


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9 responses to “What I Didn’t Buy – 1940s Cowboy Print Skirt and Blouse

  1. ooooh! how sad! ohmygoodness what a terrific print!!!!


  2. That is sad! The colors and print are great though! I would have been tempted to buy it just for the fabric (but I bet the price was a bit high even for that).


  3. My grandmother and mother always removed buttons from clothing that wasn’t going to worn any longer, and usually going to the “rag bag”, This will often times leave the gaping holes where the buttons were once attached. (Most everyone who finds old button jars will see the bits of fabric still attached to the buttons.)
    Someone like me might come along and buy this for the fabric.


  4. I know the feeling, I too, must stop at every antique or junk shop I spot.

    Liz… please tell us just how or where you store or display all the vintage clothing and etc. you have in your collection.???

    Wonder if anyone else would like to see camera shots of your (must be) vast collection?….or are they packed away in boxes.


    • Marge,
      I store most of it by hanging. All dresses, coats, blouses that are not knit or are not very delicate are on padded hangers and covered in a cotton or linen cover. Small items and knits are stored flat, each in a cotton or linen case. I need to do a post showing how I store it all!


  5. Oh, Lizzie, I need to learn the art of not falling in love until I fully check the garment out. It’s a tragedy every time I realize I can’t buy something. (Well, a very *minor* tragedy on the scale of things…)


  6. Good for you for examining it thoroughly. I also one for getting my heart set on something before I do so. Or I don’t take the time at thrift stores to bring something over to a window to see it in good lighting.
    Definitely a fun print!


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