‘Teen, 1967

In 1967 I turned twelve, and though I was not quite a teen, this was my magazine of choice.   Though ‘Teen included features on fashion, it was a lot more than a fashion magazine, with features on the cutest boy celebrities, beauty, relationships – all the things I was beginning to be interested in.

What made ‘Teen so great was that it did not seem like it originated from adults.  There were lots of user-generated features including lots of letters about what readers did and did not like, and there were columns that were seemingly written by actual teens.  By comparison, Seventeen seemed very slick and professional.

And in case you were not a boy-crazy nut like me in 1967, the David in the April issue is David McCallum, of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and the Peter in the June issue is Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits.


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18 responses to “‘Teen, 1967

  1. Liz F.

    I had such a crush on David McCallum back in the day. He’s on one of those inane procedural shows now, the only reason to watch (NSC? CSI? ) Peter Noone had too many teeth for my tastes.


  2. Ooh David McCallum..wasn’t he the invisible man?? x


  3. I’ll bet that I read these very issues!


  4. Cathlin

    I too had a crush on David McCallum in his Man From U.N.C.L.E. days. He figured prominently in my fantasies!


  5. Shows like Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Avengers, plus the whole “swinging 60s” scene really appealed to me as a child and are responsible for turning me into an anglo-phile. I don’t think I ever read TEEN; I did subscribe to Seventeen in the early ’70s though, and have now been buying issues from that time on eBay.


    • I always read Seventeen at the library because I could not afford both. Then around 1973 I grew up and switched to Glamour!

      A few years ago I ran into a cache of 1971-73 Seventeen and was just amazed at how great they are. Looking at them take me back to high school, but without the mean girls!


  6. Teresa

    Fabulous! The Australian Women’s Weekly had a teen section which had very similar articles in it. I love going through and reading them all!


  7. Boy, do I feel OLD!
    I was 1/2 a generation ahead of these.


  8. David McCallum…major dreamboat! I must admit that when I was a teen I was interested in the older men. Herman’s Hermits did nothing for me.


  9. Morad

    I remember that very Peter Noone Teen cover! I had an official crush on him, but was also fascinated by the model’s coloring, I realize now it was because she was not the standard blonde hair/blue eyes teen model of the time (Cybil Shepherd?) and that was unusual. And David McCallum — Ilya Kuryakin!


  10. Karen Antonowicz

    I, too, adored that magazine and started reading it at around 12 years old, too. I still love magazines, subscribing to so many, that I have trouble keeping up with them all!


  11. Ruth

    What teenage girl didn’t have a crush on either one of them? Oh man, do you remembwer Sajid Khan? I had a whole scrapbook on him! Mickey Dolenz, yum, and Davy Jones, and Bobby Sherman. I mostly read Tiger Beat.


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