DuPont Nylon, 1958

Your legs are lovelier in nylons.

Just not those nylons!  Whoever thought that white stockings were attractive either flunked the eye exam or failed the aesthetics test.  Or maybe their mother was a nurse, and they associated all that was good with bright, white legs.

White stockings were not new in 1958.  They were commonly worn with the pretty white dresses of the Edwardians and into the 1920s.  But when sheer, more natural stockings of silk and rayon became available, the old fashioned white (and black) cotton stockings were headed toward the old clothes trunk in the attic.

In the late 1950s the nylon companies did a short stint of experimenting with color in stockings.  I’ve seen numerous features in the magazines of the time, but I don’t think they caught on.  At least they disappeared from view in magazines until the Mod 1960s.

Fashion loves you (and so does he!) in today’s beautiful nylons.  They’re so flattering.  So feminine.  So come-hither.  And this spring, the mere touch of a tone makes all the difference. 

But SO wrong.


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16 responses to “DuPont Nylon, 1958

  1. You just reminded me of the fishnet stockings I wore in the 60s. LOL!


  2. It’s amazing how stockings updated and dated looks, and how the styles in them evolved (and revolved)… Nylons were the ultimate “square” accessory when I was a teenager in the 70s, but a decade later, everyone was wearing them again–and garters with stockings had a real revival!


  3. Ann

    I think the sheer off-white stockings are elegant. Brown…..drab. 🙂


  4. Did you happen to see Charlotte’s post featuring advertisements for colored stockings recently?

    I like the colored back seams, but I’m with you on the ones in the ad above!


  5. Teresa

    Haha! I have to agree with you. As much as I want to like white stockings they aren’t the most flattering.


  6. Ruth

    Oh, those 60’s nylons! From girdle and stockings to pantyhose in just a few years of my teenage years. That’s when stockings with elastic around the top were fashionable, too, thigh-high’s, I mean. At least I had the pretty legs then to wear them. What was I thinking with the heavy white fishnets and the plain white pantyhose?? Those only worked if you had stick think long legs and I was a curvy girl!


  7. Not a good look, indeed. I used to wear off-white stockings in the 80s with dowdy floral dresses– ugh!


  8. Christina

    Cream Soda 40 or were they 70 denier tights? In the fifth form at my school if you were trendy you had to wear this colour.Tan coloured tights were a no-no. You wore Cream Soda with flat brown or black loafer shoes. The bottle green uniform didn’t help to complete the fashion statement.


  9. lol – those white legs paired with the shades of blue look a bit death-like! I think the white might look a little less awful with a different color combo.


  10. The opinions on white stockings were many….I never did own a pair. Hurrah for the “no stocking day” of today. Interesting comments all.


  11. Yesterday a lady who is 97 years young gave me 4 pair of pastel coloured stockings from the 1960s, pink, mint green, baby blue and lemon. They are the sweetest thing and my 12yo loves them. I took a photo and put them on Instagram they are so pretty laid out together. I think they could do with a revival.


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