Currently Viewing – Gidget Goes to Rome

I decided to watch Gidget Goes to Rome simply because I’d read somewhere that stuck in the middle of the film was a fashion show by the Sorelle Fontana, one of the great Roman fashion houses of the mid 20th century.  And I’ve got to say that the fashion show was a delight, with the sophisticated designs of the sisters being shown in a traditional fashion showroom presentation.

But was it worth sitting through the rest of it for five minutes of superb 1963 fashion?  Probably not.

This is the typical early 1960s teen movie:  Girl loves Boy, Girl and Boy fight and break up, Girl and Boy find other loves, Girl and Boy get back together.  It was all totally predictable, but the beautiful backdrop of Rome did give it an air of la dolce vita.

In the first part of the movie, actor Eddie Foy, Jr. is wearing the shirt of my dreams:

You can tell that shirt is printed with various cocktails, right?  Just knowing that shirt has existed makes me happy, and I’d be over the moon (to quote Gidget) if I ever found one.  And Gidget’s straw handbag is pretty nifty too!

Before returning the disc to Netflix, I decided to check out the flip-side, which was Gidget Goes Hawaiian.  The Gidget and the scenery were different, but the plot was exactly the same.  Again, Eddie Foy, Jr. was in the movie, and quite remarkably, he once again wore that shirt.

Movie poster and screenshots copyright Columbia Pictures.  I found the first screenshot here, and the second one is a photo I took of my TV.


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7 responses to “Currently Viewing – Gidget Goes to Rome

  1. Thanks to a sharp-eyed reader, I now know that this shirt comes up for sale on ebay quite often, and after a google search, I spotted a similar shirt with whisky bottles.


  2. K

    My husband has a shirt just like that, and it’s new–from Hilo Hattie’s in Hawaii. Drives me nuts when he wears it to work! It works in Hawaii, but it looks a little out of place in the pacific nw!


  3. I have a cotton print of fun colorful cocktails in my stash that I’ve considered making into a summer shirt – and I think your post just confirms that I should! I can see why they used that shirt twice!


  4. Liz…it is interesting to mention that I actually saw that movie AND I did not even notice the details that YOU noticed. However, since I am so old, I now realize that I give notice to fashions on the REALLY OLD movies…like back in the 30’s and 40’s when I was more fashion conscious. Thanks for bringing a whole world of fashion back to me….those I have been missing.


  5. I just saw this movie too as I was looking for some great 60’s summer style. A better choice was “Light in the Piazza” with Yvette Mimeaux, Olivia De Havviland, and George Hamilton. WHAT A DELIGHTFUL FILM!!! Set in 1961 Italy, the clothes were created by Christian Dior. Olivia was stunning in this film. It is such a sweet darling story with great cosuming an dbeauty. The scenerly is wonderful and the remaster makes it look like it was filmed this morning. Please see it if you haven’t already!


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