Early 1920s Bathing Suit ~ J.C. Penney Co.

This early 1920s bathing suit was a lucky Ruby Lane find.  I sometimes forget about Ruby Lane, and that is a shame because for the most part the sellers do a good job of categorizing the merchandise, therefore making searching and browsing easy.   And while the site does allow clothing that is 20 years or older, they do not have a 1980s nor a 1990s category, so unlike etsy where it seems so much of the clothing in the vintage category is younger than my 16 year old dog Spooky, most of the Ruby Lane vintage category is filled with real vintage items.  On the downside, they do not allow “Used or previously worn underwear or swimsuits,”  and all items newer than 1945 must have a label.

So how did I happen to find such a great swimsuit on Ruby Lane?  Maybe the excellent condition led the seller to think it was unworn.  Yes, let’s just assume that was it.

I love it when something arrives and it just totally exceeds my expectations.  The color is so rich, and I’m crazy about the nod to nautical in the collar and white trim.  I love how the overskirt is dropped below the waist, just like a 1920s frock would be.

This is actually the oldest J.C. Penney label I’ve ever seen.  James Cash Penney opened his first store in 1902, but the name J.C. Penney Co. dates from 1913.


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15 responses to “Early 1920s Bathing Suit ~ J.C. Penney Co.

  1. The condition is nothing short of amazing, and that label is the oldest I’ve ever seen too! Wow, the color and the style are terrific. What a find Lizzie, this one is perfect for your collection!


  2. Oh My Goodness, I totally need this to go with my 1920s inspired Beach Pajamas! I love these and would wear them swimming today!


  3. Wow! How darling! I would love to see the detailing on this be produced on modern swimsuits!


  4. that color is one of my favorites. it’s so cute too, very wearable even now as a romper/short set. would the material be a wool blend?


  5. Great find Lizzie! And in such amazing condition. 🙂


  6. p--

    This is exactly the support of bathing suit I long for – in a non-itchy version, of course.


  7. What an amazing color!


  8. absolutely gorgeous! and doesn’t look like it would be that hard to copy… hm…


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