Vintage Shopping – Mooresville, NC

One of the great things about antique stores it that they are often located in the best buildings.  I love getting to go into an old mill or barn, or as in this case, old turn of the 20th century stores.  This mall is located in three joined buildings, all with the same arrangement of the upper floor being open in the middle like a balcony.  Very little seems to have been done to these great old stores, and shopping in them is almost like stepping back in time.

I love running across this old print.  It always makes me smile!

This shoe display was simply beautiful.  It’s enough to make a person want to open a shop just so she could justify its purchase.

I collect these cardboard movie star hangers from the 1960s, but I passed on Sophia and Michael.  The condition was pretty bad, but even worse, they were not priced.  Had they been a very reasonable price, I’d have picked them up, but in an antique mall if an item is not priced then usually the person at the counter has to track down the seller to ask the price.  It just was not worth the hassle, especially since there was a big chance I’d not want them anyway.

These were a set of old curtains.  I loved the print, but hanging in windows does more than just fade fabric.  It makes it brittle.  Again, these were not priced, or I might have gotten them for pillows for the patio.



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16 responses to “Vintage Shopping – Mooresville, NC

  1. That looks like a really fun antique mall. I too love them in really old buildings. We had a three level one in The Cracker Factory (a real cracker factory) in downtown San Diego since I was a teenager and was my favorite, especially going up to the 3rd level in a freight elevator for the slightly damaged but in my price range items. It had many nooks and crannies using all the workrooms and offices but sadly about 7 years ago it was sold and converted to an office building. Boo.


  2. That looks almost exactly like an antique shop near me! It has the same interesting upper level around the edges with the open middle. If you hadn’t told me where you took the photos, I would have asked if you were in TX!

    Did you find anything wonderful enough to buy?


  3. Oh, I am totally in love with the Michael Caine hanger…


  4. margecrunkleton

    Hi Liz…I agree, that is a neat building … I have shopped there. Mooresville has many restored old buildings. A young guy from Mooresville has restored at leas 4or 5 of those old buildings in and around downtown Mooresville. He purchases the building, restores it and turns it over.
    Did you stop in the old Hardware Store in downtown Mooresville? Also an old historical building and as a bonus a colorful & friendly ole shop keeper.

    If you have not been…Go to an old HUGE Cotton Mill outside Concord called THE DEPOT…on an extension of Popular Tent Road…..given new life as an antique mall. Really HUGE place…worthy of a trip.


    • Marge, I knew you would know this place. iI didn’t go in the hardware; I’ll be sure to next trip.

      I’ve had that place in Concord on my “go to” list for some time. Now I’ll have to go since you’ve approved it.


  5. Lizzie, you have the best places in your neck of the woods! Places like that require hours for meandering.


  6. What a great venue for an antique mall–thanks for the vicarious visit! And I don’t get unpriced items either… it seems doubly important in a big place like that to give customers all the info they need when t hey’re right in front of something!


    • I have to really want something before I can be bothered to ask for the price. I know that tags can fall off so I always search around, but in one of those booths, practically nothing was priced. Crazy.


  7. Love these old department store buildings! As others here have noted, this is soooo like a few Antique malls I have wandered around: in Puyallup, WA, Pomona, CA, and other old main streets here on the west coast. They all remind me of the last department stores I remember shopping, most notable a creaky J.C. Penney’s here in Pasadena that was torn down in the 70’s to make room for a soul-less indoor mall (that only lasted a few decades before it was torn down as well!)


  8. LOVE that boat print.. xxx


  9. Teresa

    Wonderful! I would love to have a fossick through there and I am in love with that shoe display.


  10. Mya

    Hi..thanks for checking out my blog! I love antique malls; I just went to an antique flea market in PA yesterday & saw so many vintage clothes with great prints that you don’t see nowadays. Love the pictures on your blog!


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