Vintage Miscellany – June 23, 2013

The beautiful weather here in the Appalachians really makes me want to get in the car and take a Sunday drive up into the Smokies.   I might dress a bit more casually than this pair though.  You can drive to the parking area at Clingman’s Dome (elevation 6311 feet)  but there is a walk to the top (elevation 6,643 feet) that is steep in places.  I’ve got to wonder how she made out in those sandals.

*   There is a peep into the wardrobe of Josephine Bonaparte on the Madame Guillotine blog.  thanks to @StitchUpHistory

*   Here’s the feel-good piece of the week:  The 1940s fashion drawings of a 92 year old woman are being made into a printed fabric.

*   French designer Jean-Louis Scherrer has died.  He is thought to be the first designer to be fired from his own company.

*   Barbara Hulanicki of Biba fame says women today are poorly dressed and all look the same.

*    Some items that had belonged to Diana Vreeland will be sold at Kerry Taylor Auctions along with some other really fantastic stuff.

*   Love Marimekko?  Then you’ll like this interview (with photos of the printing process) with two of the creative staff.

*   Canada’s Museum of Civilization (soon to become the Museum of Canadian History) has cancelled an exhibition they had booked from the V&A in London.  Nobody seems to know why Undressed,  an exhibition of  350 years of underwear, was cancelled, but the Canadian taxpayers are out the $70,000 deposit the museum had paid.  thanks to Kickshaw Productions.

*   Things continue to look up for Harris Tweed.  It’s very encouraging for the survival of this wonderful cloth.

*    Here are two maps that show every library and museum in the US.  Be sure to focus in on where you live to see your local museums.  They have our little heritage museum misplaced by about four miles, so don’t use this as a travel tool!

*   The factory collapse in Bangladesh was the subject of street art in Madrid.

*   The Business of Fashion asks a very good question:   Are Blockbuster Museum Shows Helping or Hurting Smaller Fashion Exhibitions?

*   I wish Karl Lagerfeld would call me fat.


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11 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – June 23, 2013

  1. You’re so right! I hiked to the top of Clingman’s Dome last June and I definitely wasn’t wearing anything nearly as vintage stylish as this. It was quite the vertical climb at the top! Great view though. And, on the way to Tennessee, fell in love with a vintage Texaco:


  2. Christina

    Not that I would have probably seen the now cancelled Canadian exhibition of Undressed – I live in British Columbia – but this news only highlights the lack of good costume/fashion exhibitions in the country. I am always amazed by the investment from US institutions and private endowments that present great fashion related exhibitions. Lizzie, your reporting back on visits to see collections just in your part of the world is a good example.


    • Christina, that’s a real shame. As Jonathan pointed out on his blog, this was sure to be a money-maker for the museum. Fashion exhibitions are hot and bring in visitors.

      I’m amazed by how many good exhibitions have been within a driving distance for me, but I have had to drive several hours to most of them.


  3. Norah

    I think what Lagerfeld said about Pippa Middleton was almost as bad as what he said about Adele.. Maybe Ms. Middleton may not pay any attention to it, but it seems to send the message that if we aren’t as beautiful as Kate Middleton, we shouldn’t be seen in public, at least not our faces.


    • It was bad. He can be a really ugly snit when he wants. But what can you expect from a man who wants to marry his cat?

      Anyway, he can call me anything at all as long as the shopping bag full of Chanel apologies arrives safely. Karl, if you are listening, I want scarves and sweaters and these tweed booties from the Edinburgh collection, okay?


  4. I love this image, reminds me of photos of my mum at the time, she walked up Mt Kosciusko (Australia’s highest mtn) in garb just like this, though it isn’t an arduous climb. Thx for the mention as well, Josphine’s clothing is so glorious!


  5. Such great links! The street art is truly great. And I’m loving the feel-good piece of the week!


  6. Teresa

    Great set of links Lizzie. Thanks for sharing.



    Really great post! Thanks for sharing! I intend to read it all. : )


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