Ad Campaign – Levi’s for Women, 1957 and 1958

Inspired by the cowboy… the modish young miss is flattering her figure in the trim tapered lines of LEVI’S California ranch pants… the beguiling styling from the wide open spaces.

I’d been wanting to see an example of Levi’s for women western shirts after learning that the Vanderbilt Shirt Company made them in the 1950s and 1960s.  And while I still haven’t located an actual shirt, I did round up these ads that clearly show the types of shirts by Levi’s.

I love how the ads “feminize” the jeans by having them worn with ballerina flats and sandals.  No boots for those cowgirls.

Color-coordinated cotton shirts… about $4.96 to $6.95.

And just because the ad is cute:


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6 responses to “Ad Campaign – Levi’s for Women, 1957 and 1958

  1. I’m in all sorts of love. Thanks for sharing these stellar pieces! Now to just get my hands on some!



  2. Levi’s, love it! And, love that it’s from the ’50’s and nobody is baking cookies or revealing an hourglass shape in a complicated frock. Not that there is anything wrong with that!!! But, this is more my speed, so I can relate to it more. 😉


  3. Teresa

    Love them! I’m with Janey. I’d love a pair for myself. 🙂


  4. Great pics…such poses!


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