Vintage Shopping – Athens, Georgia

When I hit the road for an event or museum visit, I always try to fit in a bit of vintage shopping.  Before going to Athens, Georgia last week, I came up with a list of vintage stores and antique places around the city. Athens is primarily, a college town.  The University of Georgia is located there.  It is pretty much my experience that vintage stores in college towns cater to the young, because that is their main clientele.

When it come to the vintage market, that means these shops are often heavy on 1980s and 90s clothing, along with newer vintage-inspired clothing.  And for the most part, that is what I found in Athens. But then there is Agora, a vintage a co-op, with different seller booths .  This store is an Athens vintage mainstay, with clothing and accessories from many eras, along with an impressive selection of newer designer accessories.   The staff is helpful and friendly, and the store has a fun atmosphere.  But you do have to look, and look carefully.  A 1940s dress might be stuck between a 1970s poly dress and a 1980s prom dress.  This is not fast shopping, it is a treasure hunt.

And now for the tour:

Stuff outside is always a good sign.

Look carefully to find the gems, in this case, a pretty 1940s dress.

There is a great selection of handbags…

including some high-end designer pieces.

This late 1950s dress has a pretty lace capelet and a Pattullo – Jo Copeland label.  Really, really nice!

I had to show this because THIS is the type of dress Sally Draper would have been wearing in 1968, not those silly little cotton pre-teen frocks with bows.   (Careful: spoiler alert and haughty activity)

Too bad I didn’t need this, as I already have several basket bags.

Yep, it’s an Oriental dress alright.

This was a very nice vintage  Diane von Fürstenberg wrap dress.  With the complete lack of hanger appeal of these dresses, it really is a miracle they became such a hit.  There must have been some mighty persuasive sales persons in 1974.

Smashing design on this non-labeled jacket.

Not for the shy!

And here are some general scenes to show the eclectic nature of Agora.

An off-topic aside: up the street is the Lamar Lewis Shoe store, which has been in business long enough for the mid century modern sign to look fresh once more.


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11 responses to “Vintage Shopping – Athens, Georgia

  1. oooh that black and white apple patterned jacket is adorable! So wish we had had time to stop in Athens on our quick jaunt to Atlanta this past weekend – but now I have a specific excuse to go there, to check out some of these gems. Thanks Lizzie!


  2. Maria Enriqueta Morales

    Hi Lizzie, were those designer bags expensive? if not, i’m getting on the first plane there!! wonderful blog, as always.
    Thank You Lizzie!


  3. How much was that Diane v. F dress, just out of curiousity?


  4. thanks for the vicarious browse, Lizzie–you definitely found some gems! (Love that basket purse–such a rustic example!)


  5. Just returned from the exhibit (fabulous, as promised, thanks!), and would have stopped at these shops (I even had directions from the gift-shop clerk), but was just too tired to do it properly. Will have to return another time.


  6. I could spend all day at Agora! Love the vintage Fascinator to!


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