Vintage Charlotte Pop-up Market

There’s a relatively new vintage market in Charlotte, and I felt like it was my responsibility to check it out.  The venture is called Vintage Charlotte, and for about a year now they have been hosting vintage pop-up markets.  The latest one was Saturday, so I made the drive into the city .

First, I loved that the event opened at 10 am for a small admission, and then at 11 for no charge.  Compared to events that open at 7  or 8 am, this is wonderful for people who have to drive for a couple of hours.  So civilized!

The market was held at the Charlotte Fillmore, an old textile mill turned music hall.   There were about 60 vendors, most of whom were selling vintage clothing and household items.  there were also quite a few people selling handcrafted items, such as jewelry.

Most of the vintage clothes were from the 1960s , 70s and 80s, with a scattering of older items.  Anyone who loves a hippie vibe would be in Heaven at this market.  There were also a few people selling vintage patterns and magazines, and I was able to find several ranging from 1917 to 1969.  That was enough to make me satisfied with the trip.

Will I go back?  Probably.  The quality and the condition of items was excellent, and one just never knows what she’ll find at a place like this.  Still, the Manhattan Vintage Show needn’t worry about the competition just yet.  It would be nice to have a market that was just textiles and clothing of all eras.

More scenes:

How cute is this little tennis skirt from the 70s?


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7 responses to “Vintage Charlotte Pop-up Market

  1. That sundress is adorable! And what a neat space. I wish more places would take advantage of these “pop up” events to use underutilized spaces.


  2. I agree! What a great-looking space! Organized stalls. Plus, room to roam, breathe and browse. Both the skirt and dress are super cute. Did you find any treasures? T.


  3. So fun! I love the idea of a “pop up” in a place they don’t usually have a vintage market. The tennis skirt is adorable – love the rickrack and mushroom!


  4. Love that tennis skirt! And how civilised to have a vintage event not open at the crack of dawn? I approve!


  5. That tennis skirt is adorable!


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