Ad Campaign – Loomtogs, 1957, 1958, 1960

After buying that lovely Loomtogs set of separates, I decided to look for some vintage ads to give a better idea of the types of things the company made.  The ad above is from 1957,  and shows pants, shorts and slacks in madras plaid.  Note that the blouses have matching madras collars.

This ad is from 1958 and the clothing featured is made from Everglaze Minicare.  I’ve had Everglaze fabrics, and they have a shiny coating, like chintz.  And regardless of the name, I’ve found that the glaze often washes off.

And finally, this ad is from 1960.  Note that the jacket is lined with the same red and white gingham that was used for the blouse.  My guess is that there were also shorts and slacks to match.


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6 responses to “Ad Campaign – Loomtogs, 1957, 1958, 1960

  1. I love the little matching details of the collars and jacket lining. So lovely!


  2. Love the cropped jacket..perfect length and adore the boxy style x


  3. Love the Everglaze Minicare dresses! Tres chic x


  4. Susie

    Hi…I just came upon your blog upon searching for some background on the Loomtogs name. I was so excited to see your first ad featuring the madras shorts. I purchased the exact pair, color and everything, from eBay, got them for 10 bucks, and they fit just like in the ad. now if I could find the blouse to match 🙂
    So great! Now I know the year they were made and some history, great post…thanks!


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