Vintage Miscellany – July 7, 2013

We are having one of those monsoon summers here in the mountains.  I know that many of you are struggling with the heat, but here it is relatively cool, and I do believe webs are beginning to grow between my toes.

Here’s hoping the weather moderates for us all.  I’m enjoying a vicarious lake trip through the photo above.  It’s pretty hard to place a date on until you notice that the men are “topless.”  My best guess is mid 1930s.  Click the photo for a better view.

And now for the fashion news:

*   Canada is getting a new museum devoted to fashion.  Jonathan Walford and Kenn Norman of Kickshaw Productions have found a home for their  Fashion History Museum in Galt, Ontario.   The opening is set for later this month, and you can keep up with the progress at Jonathan’s blog.  Congratulations to them!

*  Couture Week is Paris is over, but you can still enjoy the pretty clothes.

*   I’ve linked to Kasia Charko’s blog before, and if you are interested in the fashion scene of the early 1970s you must add it you your reading list.  This post on the opening of Big Biba is an excellent reason why.

*    Christian Lacroix’s homage to Schiaparelli was unveiled during the couture showing last week.  There are rumors that the Schiaparelli people are going to take the show on the road.

*   There was an interesting segment on Talk of the Nation last week about why we wear what we wear.  Listen to Diana Baird N’Diaye  Robin Givhan discuss the issue.

*  I hope you don’t recognize yourself in this article on how to behave in a secondhand store!

*  If you are in the Northeast, I bet you have plans for tomorrow, right?  I’m talking about the Sturbridge Vintage Fashion and Textile Show.  Read about how Tangerine Boutique prepares for the show.

*   This has nothing to do with fashion, but I found this story and the art involved to be astounding.


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5 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – July 7, 2013


    Thanks to the link to the Couture. I cannot throw out my W’s from years ago….Really great blog , it was inspiring and I dressed up today to see my mom!


  2. Hi Lizzie, I’m a fellow Ashevillian (and vintage lover!) who just discovered your blog a few days ago. I’ve been reading and reading your posts. For whatever reason, I particularly liked the ones about John Meyer.

    The rain is really being a bit much. We had some garden variety basement flooding, but our friends who live in the Beaverdam area have been evacuated because a house on the hill above them is slowly moving their direction (at a little over an inch per hour). It could give way at any moment.

    Anyhoo, I’m glad to meet you, and I invite you to step on over to my blog for a peek. It’s not nearly so well-informed as yours, but we do what we can!


    • Hi Ripple,
      It’s great to have another Ashevillian checking in! I’m glad you are enjoying my posts. I’ve been reading through your blog and I am completely overwhelmed with the amount of sewing you get accomplished. I’m a bit of a sewing slacker…

      Honestly, I bet we have crossed paths at some time, as you mention several of my favorite haunts in your posts!

      Oh, this rain! That’s terrible about your friends’ home (and the one above it). I hope it isn’t damaged.


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