Sewing project – New Look 6100

It’s rare that I sew using a current pattern, but after searching all spring and summer for a shorts pattern I liked, I caved in to the new after spotting this New Look pattern on A Sewing Life.  I had a bit of a problem finding it locally, as it is at least a year old, but the fifth store I looked in did have the pattern in stock.  It is also available online.

I made view A, but without the cuffs.  I’m pretty short and just don’t need a horizontal line across the top of my knees.  That was the only adjustment I made as far as the cutting was concerned.  I made them just a touch longer to give more of a hem.  As far as the sizing went, the shorts fit as cut.

I really like the wider waistband, that sits just under the natural waist.  There is a side zipper, and the pockets are a must for me.

I really am the world’s slowest sewer.  Anyone who knows what they are doing should be able to make these in an afternoon, but it took me three of them.  Part of it is that I just like the process of sewing, so I take my time.  But I also decided to bind all the seams because my fabric wanted to unravel.


I’m not sure about the topstitching around the pockets.  There was supposed to be topstitching around the top and bottom of the waistband, but I decided to not do it.

I know a lot of women are not comfortable wearing shorts, especially women of my age, which is 58.  I believe one should wear what she feels good in, and in the summer in the South, that means shorts for casual occasions.  At 58 my legs are no longer perfect, but neither are my arms and my face, and I don’t cover them up.  Well, at least not completely!

I’m in the process of reviewing a new book , which is a kind of new agey guide to finding one’s fashion look.  It’s not the sort of thing that I’m usually attracted to, but the basic premise behind the book – knowing who you truly are and letting that guide your fashion choices – has a lot of merit.  More to come when the book is released.


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23 responses to “Sewing project – New Look 6100

  1. Your shorts look great! I enjoyed reading your post! They look perfect and comfortable. The weather is hot enough for shorts in Minnesota now too! Whew!


  2. These are great! The fabric gives them a real nautical vibe. I’ve been sitting on this same pattern for a while and this may be the inspiration that I need to finally make them!


  3. Your shorts are beautiful – inside and out! You did a wonderful job and found a really great fitting pattern! And there’s nothing wrong with taking your time to sew – I often wish I didn’t have to rush everything.


    • Thanks Brooke. I really don’t get sewing challenges where participants are forced to sew practically a garment a day. I simply could not do it, and then you are left with a bulging closet!


  4. Your shorts turned out very nice. I used to sew all my own clothes, but then it seemed to get harder to make them to fit properly. Guess I just lost the touch over the years.


  5. Yay ! We are the same age….go girl! Shorts look very good and so well made as are you I am sure!


  6. Oh, they are beautiful! So glad I didn’t lead you astray. The seam binding takes it all to the next level (of both beauty and time required). I also like your addition of belt loops; the shorts look great with that narrow belt.

    You have reminded me that I still want to try the second version for this pattern, the culotte-type shorts. It’s controversial, but I personally love anything that blurs the line between pants and skirts. I think it’s a holdover from a striped zip-front romper my mother made me in the late 70s, when I was in the fourth grade.


  7. You’re a good seamstress, Lizzie–and I think you have great legs!


  8. I’ve never been a fan of shorts; I wear short skirts if its really hot. But, maybe I’ve just never seen shorts in a style I like. I love these! I’m short-waisted and hate waistbands, but this one below the natural waist is great. You are quite the seamstress. The inside looks as good as the outside. And they fit you so well.


  9. The shorts look great, Lizzie!! And you have piqued my interest in that book – looking forward to your review.


  10. Susie

    Cute shorts, Cute figure! The book your reviewing sounds really interesting. Since I’m getting towards middle age, my mind has been consumed more than normal about the things I think “society” would think appropriate dress is for this or that age. I tend to judge myself a lot on “oh this is probably for someone younger than me”, even though I might look smashing in it. Maybe sounds like the book may talk a little about these feelings. Can’t wait to hear more about it.


    • Susie, I’ve struggled with the very same thing, but I’ve come to the realization that I need to be true to myself and wear the clothes that suit me and my personality and lifestyle.

      If the dress looks good on you and, more importantly, makes you feel good, I say wear it!


  11. skytash

    I loved this line from your post: “At 58 my legs are no longer perfect, but neither are my arms and my face, and I don’t cover them up.” and will remember it next time I look at my legs and think I need to wear trousers!


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