Ad Campaign – Yardley, 1971

Glow back to nature with Earth Child Eyes.

I hope those of you who are within driving distance of Boston have put the latest exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston on your must-do list.  It’s called Hippie Chic, and it is much more than tie dye tee shirts and jeans.

The ad, which is from 1971, is a great example of that the curator of the exhibition calls Fantasy Hippie.  And no, you did not have to be young to get away with it.  I’d like to think there is a little “hippie” in all of us.

Jo at Joyatri has a fantastic review of the exhibition.


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9 responses to “Ad Campaign – Yardley, 1971

  1. I remember these ads…..I was and still am an Earth Child : )


  2. What a great ad! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this one. And that style of flower crown looks like what Lauren (the curator of Hippie Chic) work at the opening. My flowers were more ‘controlled.’
    Thanks for linking to my blog. I’d like to think that there’s a lot of hippie in me 🙂 (I had a lot of exposure to hippies as a child in the late 1960s and was very influenced by them).


  3. That’s a nice sister exhibition to the Laura Ashley one which just opened at Bath’s Fashion Museum to celebrate 60 years of the company (blog post coming soon about it); there are almost 100 dresses on display (you’d love it, Lizzie, as none are behind glass) and when I visited earlier this week I ended up deeply nostalgic for the early ’70s and its blend of romantic escapism and back-to-nature.


  4. Two minds one thought..the sun has definitely brought out the hippy in me! xxx


  5. Fashion Witness

    Funny, when I was young, in the 60s, I never noticed the Yardley slogan: “You’ve got to be young to get away with it.” Now it seems part of the “never trust anyone over thirty” era, as interpreted by an advertising agency. And… what is “natural” about a huge area of blue eye shadow? On the other hand, Yardley used to make some great eye makeup that could be applied dry, as powder, or wet, like eyeliner (more long-lasting.) I wish I had some now!


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