Ad Campaign – Sea Nymph Glamour Suit, 1953

by the sea, by the beautiful sea nymph glamour suit

When each wave comes rollin’ in… you’re the most alluring picture by the sea in your Sea Nymph glamour suit!

When was the last time you heard the word glamour being associated with a swimsuit?  Can you imagine a time when glamour was being used to sell instead of sexy?   Is this suit any less appealing because it is glamorous rather than sexy?  And when did this shift to become all encompassing?

For me, I’d take being glamorous over being sexy any day of the week.  Not that I am particularly glamorous, of course, but it just seems to be a more fun alternative.   Sexy implies that it is all about the body, but glamour is about the woman, the personality, the persona.  And which is more important?

Just thinking “out loud.”


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6 responses to “Ad Campaign – Sea Nymph Glamour Suit, 1953

  1. Gorgeous artwork. I’d take glamour over sexy any day too


  2. I definitely would rather be “glamorous” compared to “sexy”! An actress once told me I was “glamorous” when she saw photos of me dressed up and it was so much more flattering than being called sexy. (I’ve always found it a bit odd when women call other women sexy.)

    I love those old style feminine bathing suits! Glamorous is the best word for them!


  3. I love it when you think out loud (especially when I agree totally)! Glamour is a beautiful thing . . .


  4. Teresa

    Glamour over sexy definitely!


  5. Leigh Ann

    I agree. Glamorous is more appealing than sexy. I’ve often wondered why everything is described as “sexy” these days, as if that were the one quality we would always want to project. “Glamorous” has an air of mystery about it. As you said, it’s about the personality, and about projecting experience and elegance and sophistication.


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