Early 1960s Christian Dior Hat

Sometimes you stumble upon something that is really not your thing, but is simply too great to pass up.  In this case, I spotted this hat in an antique mall, and just knew it was going to have a fancy label attached.    I was also braced for a fancy price tag.

I was right on one count, but luckily, wrong on the other.  I paid $12 for this Dior explosion of flowers.  So, like I said, it was way too wonderful to not pick up if only to display in my office so I can be reminded that there was a time when a woman would wear this much whimsy on her head.

I hope you can tell that the curls are actually feathers that are backed with organza.  The lily-of-the-valley flowers are in white and pink.  It is all mounted on a mesh cap.

I was hoping to find a similar Dior hat in my early 1960s Vogue and L’Officiel  magazines, but the closest I came was this hat by designer Michel Goma, in a 1963 ad.

The hat fits rather like a wig, and was designed to accommodate the beehive hairdos of the era.

If you want to see it in the round, I posted a vine on twitter.  I think I need a tripod for my phone!


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23 responses to “Early 1960s Christian Dior Hat

  1. If it had a brim, I could see the Queen Mother wearing this. As it is, more like Princess Maragaret wore after her sister forbade she marry the man she loved.


  2. Susan Carlson

    Although lovely, this pains me to see, as it brings back a sad memory. My grandmother had a whole lovely closet full of hats from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, including some floral numbers like yours. The sad part is that older relatives cleaned out her house without full family knowledge and trashed her wonderful collections of these hats, lingerie, suits, shoes, and other things. I do have two hats of hers that I borrowed over the years for costuming. I’ll have to check the labels. So glad your hat is in safe loving hands. A real treasure!


  3. Leigh Ann

    It reminds me of my grandmother, as well. She was always one for dressing up, and she had a bit of a flair for the dramatic. I remember many of her outfits from the late 1960s through the 1970s. She always looked very nice. I don’t think she had a hat like this one–and certainly not one by Dior–but she would have loved it.


  4. Lillace Christianson

    Your hat is a lovely concoction of flowers and feathers. I’ve been selling these vintage treasures for years and am always amazed at the genius creativity and pure delight put into them. Enjoy your wonderful find!


  5. Wow! What a stunning hat! I normally don’t go for these flower concoctions of the 1960s, but I love this one! Great find and amazing price!


  6. Amazing hat and amazing condition! It reminds me of those fancy swim caps from the ’50s and ’60s.


  7. Teresa

    Amazing! I absolutely love it. It’s a work of art.


  8. vastlycurious.com

    Fabulous style. Would you wear it today? I think I would at the right venue !


  9. What an amazing bit of engineering! And what wonderful condition the hat is still in! It’s totally not my style either but I would have bought it at that price too – just because it’s something you can’t help but smile about! It is truly fascinating how the feathers were used.


  10. Gorgeous and well bought. I was surprised to see glue? very surprised. Or is that something else shining there?


  11. When can I come shopping with you Lizzie??? 😉 xx


  12. Ah, what a great find–and at an incredible price! I love it.


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