Virginia Highlands Festival Annual Antiques Market

One show and sale that I try to attend every year is the Virginia Highlands Festival Antiques Market in Abington, Virginia.  It is held outside under two huge tents, but you’d never call this market a flea market.  It has a great mix of antique and vintage items, with absolutely no junk.  I like this one so much because I always see things I’ve never seen before.  It is simply a nicely edited show of quality items.

Conversely, this is not the place to expect a huge bargain.  Not that the prices are crazy high, but these sellers have great inventories and they know their stuff.  I find markets like this one to be just as valuable for an education as for shopping.

A table of Scotty cuteness.  I especially love the big guy in the back which is a riding toy with little wheels.

A seller had this book, and had taken it apart to sell the illustrations separately.  I see a lot of this, mainly when the illustrations are exceptional (as these are) and when the entire book is quite pricy.

Here’s an example of one of the prints.  Most of them were done with this technique of using blocks of color and white to form the picture.  You can see more of Coles Phillips work here.

Proof that a hat box needn’t be round to be terrific.

I loved this old sign for the Old Abington Weavers.  The weavers made and sold coverlets (note designs on sign) to the tourist trade.

There were some super cosmetics pieces.  The red swinging compact still had little rounds of rouge and pressed powder.

It’s a good thing I’m not a grandmother, because stuff like that little dress and sailor top would bankrupt me!

This 1910s suit was love at first sight.  It was in perfect condition, and even included the original matching boots.  Admire the details:

This seller also had some lovely hats, including this one and the one in my top photo.

And it looks like she made a sell to this lovely woman!

I’m not familiar with the Utility Dress Co., but isn’t the sign nice?

On the way home I made a quick stop in Bristol VA/TN to check out their antique malls.  The dividing line between Virginia and Tennessee runs through the center of the main street, State Street.  Thank goodness all the antique stores are on the Virginia side as there is a big difference in the sales tax rate.

I love this reminder of the old Bristol.  Wouldn’t an hour at F.G. Pitzer be an experience?


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24 responses to “Virginia Highlands Festival Annual Antiques Market

  1. Oh my goodness that brown suit!!! it is to DIE FOR!!!



    Love those buttons!


  3. Lizzie, I assume you still collect vintage swimsuits? I came across an ad on a Dutch website from someone who is selling a few. Here you can see the pictures:

    I immediately thought of you. I could ask them for more information if you’re interested.


  4. It would have been hard to walk away from that brown suit.


  5. I actually squealed when I saw the 1910s suit. It gives me chills when I see things like that in person, and you presenting it to the blog world is the next best thing :). I’m also in love with that ghost sign in the last photo. I’m doing a search on Abington this morning….


  6. I love window shopping with you! I am also drooling over that brown suit as well as the compact with the moon and stars. And of course all the hats. Thank you for introducing me to Cole Phillips. I checked out other images and they are all exquisite, particularly the dresses in them.


  7. Christina

    That is a very nice suit. I think it may be a bit later than 1910 maybe c1915-16 although I would have liked to see the skirt shape. The “peplum” skirt on the jacket – that Russian tunic look – the embroidery and the diagonal opening with the nice fastening details are all good indicators. This period is a transition with much overlapping of silhouettes.


  8. Ahh..the compact for me!! Have a lovely trip to NY xxx


  9. ahhhhh–that suit! I love the display of Scotties, too.


  10. Love the idea of making the button hole a feature instead of hiding them, brilliant.

    Lil Bit Brit


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