Saturday Evening Post – April 23, 1960

I love old film footage of people going to baseball games in the past.  The crowd is overwhelmingly male, and even into the 1960s many of the men are dressed as if they had sneaked off from work early.  Of course, people just dressed more formally, even for an event like a baseball game.

I can’t help but love the two women who are dressed more like a day shopping than at the ball park.  And I can’t imagine a more delightful pair with their gloves, hats and pocketbooks.

Going to a Yankees game was on our short list for this week.  I’ll let you know if I was as lucky as the lady in red.

The artist of this Post cover was Dick Sargent, not to be confused with the actor who took the same name.  Not only did Sargent illustrate 47 Post covers (including Point Lookout that I posted last week), he did print ads and movie posters.



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10 responses to “Saturday Evening Post – April 23, 1960

  1. I love this cover! Those were the days when white gloves were worn to a baseball game. Good luck catching a ball!


  2. Lynne Bassett

    I just want you to know that I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for all the effort you put into it. I love this magazine cover!


  3. Wow! What a great cover! I’m a sucker for vintage football imagery. I don’t care much for the game, but there is something about high school football in the 60s that is magical to me. Sounds odd, I know.


  4. Notice the 1940 date on the address label…on the magazine cover. I am glad you mentioned the artist’s name….It was the same subject matter as Norman Rockwell, but just a bit different on the look of the faces.

    I wonder when it became the thing to do to bring a catchers mitt to baseball games.???


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