Ad Campaign: Faberge Woodhue, 1948

Back to School Woo 1948

Today’s ad campaign is a bit different.  Instead of a magazine ad I have a cologne blotter from Meyer’s Department Store in Greensboro, NC.  These fragrant little ads were picked up at the cosmetics counter.  Some department stores still offer them, but I’ve noticed that some have either done away with perfume blotters, or they are keeping them behind the counter for serious shoppers only.

Of course, the sleek and sophisticated designs of today can in no way compete with the charm of the College Set in their jalopy, or with a little girl with her bouquet of posies.




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6 responses to “Ad Campaign: Faberge Woodhue, 1948

  1. Teresa

    These are so adorable! Love them!


  2. Can it be that Woodhue lasted well into the 1960s? I remember getting a set of three different Faberge colognes for Christmas on year–a favorite gift. I would swear that one bottle was Woodhue, and it came with a wooden lid.


    • Fashion Witness

      I’m pretty sure I had some Woodhue bath powder in the sixties, when I was in college, & possibly a bottle of the cologne. Thanks for the reminder about Woodhue’s wooden lid! I don’t think I even considered the perfume — $5 was enough for a hamburger at a sit-down restaurant, or for 4 – 5 paperback books in 1967! Cologne was more affordable, but usually not something I bought for myself — although that smooth, unvarnished bottle cap definitely rings a bell.


  3. S. Geiger

    I was just approaching “parental permission to wear perfume then. I had forgotten about StrawHat. It had a composition straw-wound lid. I never found the scent romantic, though. Just fresh. Another wonderful step back in time from Lizzie. Thanks!


  4. Karen Antonowicz

    Very Charming!


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