Ad Campaign – Jantzen, 1958

Important coordinates: accent on off-beat color

Fresh fashion idea in coordinating Jantzen colors: pick a tone and add an electric accent.  Start with leaf green and accent it with magnetic cobalt blue… add spice brown to cloud-seven grey.

To me, blue and green seems like such a natural combination that it interesting to note that at one time it was considered “off-beat.”  Maybe that’s because recently I’ve been spending part of every afternoon in my backyard, looking up at the blue sky through a veil of green leaves.

Other things of note:  The middy-inspired cardigan is dubbed an “admiral” cardigan.  The chilly mornings around here make me long for a pair of “toe toasters.”  And have you ever heard of “cloud-seven grey?”


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12 responses to “Ad Campaign – Jantzen, 1958

  1. Nowadays, denim is considered a neutral so no one thinks of other colors as unusual with blue pants. I love both color combinations in the ad!


  2. Liz… I would have thought the “toe toasters” would have been brown…or at least black (the color of toast at MY house) not blue as shown. Well written ad.


  3. Diana Coleman

    Today I wore pink and orange. That would have been shocking in1958!


  4. jasonasch

    Are you familiar with the prints Fuller Fabrics commissioned in the fifties from Picasso Leger Matisse? It is covered in American Fabric magazine ? Love your site. I have a fabric store in Los Angeles.

    Sent from Cernobbio


  5. I think that the clothes and color combinations in this ad look very contemporary!


  6. I *love* a middy collar! And these colors are great–especially loving the “spice brown” with “cloud-7 gray.” And I definitely need a pair of the toe toasters. We just need a quick time travel trip back to 1958, I guess.


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