Charlotte Metrolina, September, 2013

I don’t often listen to the voices in my head, but when they whisper, “It’s flea market weekend at Metrolina,” I do sometimes listen and take action.  Last Friday was one of those days where I had nothing major to occupy my time, so I decided to go with my thought and set off for Charlotte.

This market advertises as an antiques and collectibles show, and for the most part that is what it is.  There are some crafty things, and some booths cater to the decorating trade with “antiques,” but for the most part it is one of those markets where you just never know what will be offered.  I’ve gone and bought nothing but lunch, and then again I’ve gone and come home with some spectacular finds.

There were lots of clothes to paw through.  The rack above was in the booth of Linda, a Metrolina regular.  She can always be counted on to have a rack or two of nice things.

Here I found some fun, sporty things, but it was all for the guys.

There was a booth of just vintage sewing things, like these deadstock cards of buttons.

There were actually some very nice things in this pile of clothes.

For a kiddie, but aren’t they sweet?  I love Mr. Snowman’s green hat.

It pays to be chatty.  The owners of this booth are regulars here, but they usually don’t have clothing.  I started talking to the guy and it turns out they have rooms of vintage clothing at their house, open by appointment.  Sounds promising!

So, what did I buy?  Two 1910’s hats, the absolutely best 1940s platform slingback heels in magenta suede, a 1918 fashion magazine, a pair of 1930s slacks (sailor inspired!), and a late 1910s bathing suit.  A full report of each will follow.


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17 responses to “Charlotte Metrolina, September, 2013

  1. I love the snowman gloves….. can see them on one of my kiddos.


  2. Hello, I wish I would have known you were there, Lizzie. I would have met you for a snack in the middle lane. The pictures look pretty good. I was there on Sunday and just visited with a vender friend….I will have her show a few mannequin heads next months show.


  3. Looks like fun! If all goes well we’re heading to Shupp’s Grove tomorrow and it’s supposed to be Vintage Clothing and Accessories weekend – anything you want me to look for, for you?


  4. Oh fabulous! Looking forward to seeing your finds Lizzie. This is definitely my sort of place!


  5. I’ve gotta get to this show sometime! I can’t wait to see your finds, especially the 40’s platform pumps.


  6. Lillace Christianson

    Oh, my, the HATS!!! I’m in SC, close enough to Charlotte to drive. How often do they have these Metrolina shows? And I’d love to meet you there.
    We could swoon over the vintage clothes and hats together.



    Never get enough FLEAS !


  8. I would have grabbed that 40’s telephone cord handbag!! Love a rummage!


  9. I love to see trestle tables with huge mounds of clothing to rummage through. My fingers are itching.


  10. I need to see these 40s shoes!!


  11. Looks like a fun shopping trip! I cannot wait to see your purchases!


  12. Teresa

    You have some very wise voices in your head Lizzie! Looking forward to seeing your finds.


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