Pretty Pictures

For some time I’ve been trying to think of a way to share the interesting and beautiful things I encounter in life without posting photos of the sunset to this blog.  I’ve posted photos to Twitter, but that darn thing moves so fast, and even though it allows photos, its primary function is not visual.  I’ve tried Flickr, but things tend to just sit with no interaction from other users.  My photos are not “pretty” enough for Pinterest.  And forget Facebook.  I’d delete my account if not for the little bit of traffic it generates for The Vintage Traveler.

On a whim, I decided to try Instagram.  I had been determined not to like it because I hated whenever they stopped their photos from being seen on twitter.  But I set up an account to see what all the fuss was about, posted a few photos and was really surprised when I immediately had people responding.  It is mainly visual, but the amount of interaction was encouraging.

Best of all, unlike Pinterest and Tumblr, there are very few issues with copyright.  The photos come from users’ smartphones, not from the web.  It’s a great way to see the interesting things that are going on in the lives of web friends.

If you have an Instagram account, I’d love a follow.  If not, you can still see the photos I post by clicking the “View on Instagram” link on the right.


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10 responses to “Pretty Pictures

  1. I love that you are on Instagram! It’s so fun. I love sharing my photography there, and it’s a much less invasive way than on a blog or other sites. Love your pictures 🙂 xo


  2. Consider yourself followed! I actually find myself digging Instagram as well. And because it’s primarily a mobile device based thing for me it’s nice to have something quick and visually interesting to check out when I’ve got a dull moment or two. Enjoy!


  3. Funny, just posted (is in there – somewhere!) about instagram..Anna runs our site. But it is a joy x


  4. It’s a lot of fun to use, you’re gonna love it!


  5. Just followed you! Good to see you on there. Instagam is great fun


  6. Thanks everyone. It was a treat waking up to new followers!


  7. I can vouch that Lizzie’s Instagram photos are lovely–follow her! 🙂 I am enjoying Instagram very much. Though I follow a ton of fellow vintage-loving folk, the best thing has been finding a couple IGers who live outside the US and seeing bits of their daily lives. I found a couple IGers in Vienna (in anticipation of my upcoming trip there) and one is a guy who just photographs local vintage signage…really cool!


  8. Yay for Instagram! It’s one of my favourite social communities and I find myself spending more and more time on there than Twitter these days.

    Glad to see you’ve joined and looking forward to seeing all your pics.


  9. I was SO excited when you showed up and followed me that first day on IG! I have found it is the best way to get the summary of the day I’ve missed when I’m not on Twitter. And it’s so much easier to post photos to Twitter using Instagram and my camera phone – no cords required. And the new 15 second videos – bonus!

    I’ve just recently started posting some of my photos directly to my blog’s (worthless) FB page using Instagram, and I usually post to Twitter at the same time. You can link your page but you only post photos to it by selecting “Facebook” when you post a picture.

    You can also embed any of your Instagram photos or videos directly on your blog by following the WP tutorials. So many options! =)


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