Mademoiselle, September, 1957

Navy takes a turn at fall, thanks to the addition of a fur collar.  I love navy all year long, even though it is not exactly a “fall” color.  It looks especially great with the red stairs.

The blue suit is by designer Anne Klein.  In 1957 she was a young designer and was working at Junior Sophisticates.  In this issue other young American designers were featured, some of which are familiar names to fashion history lovers:  Donald Brooks, Rudi Gernreich, and Anne Fogarty.  The photographer took all the shots of the young designer feature in his studio, where the spiral stairs were located.

The “Paris Extra” was interesting, because fall 1957 saw the spread of the infamous “Sack Dress”  which had seen its debut in the spring of that year.  You can see the influence in a lot of the clothes in this issue, with a less fitted silhouette and that awkward just-above-the-calf length.

Really shocking are the prices of the suit and the accessories.  The suit was $125 and both the handbag and  the hat were $15 each.  That sounds pretty good until the prices are adjusted for inflation.  In the 2013 dollar, the suit would be $1005, and the accessories would be $121 each.

Photographer:  George Barkentin
Model:  Not credited
Copyright:  Condé Nast


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4 responses to “Mademoiselle, September, 1957

  1. Fashion Witness

    Thanks for that price check! I can’t help noticing that in 1957, young women were still trying to look more adult, and the ideal was sophistication. By 1967, the ideal was to look young — the ‘youthquake’ was happening. If this 1957 outfit was the ‘new easy look,’ imagine what formality looked like! (Actually, I think it was ‘easy’ because it was quite a departure from the very tight, form fitting suits of the late 40s & early 50s.)


  2. Diana Coleman

    Dear Lizzie,

    I remember the original Ann Kleins for Jr Sophisticats well……the perfect clothes for a young matron of 30 in 1957. ……..and Donald Brooks! How I would have liked to own one of his creations. Do you also remember BH Wragge?

    Diana Coleman


  3. Diana Coleman

    Sorry I left out a couple of “e’s” there. Should proofread before sending. Sorry!


  4. Teresa

    Whoa! That is one expensive but beautiful suit! I love navy too.


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