Liberty Antiques Festival – Fall 2013

Last weekend was my favorite regional antiques venue, the Liberty Antiques Festival.  It’s held in a large field under tents, and really does make for a great day of shopping and looking at wonderful old stuff.  As in years past, the festival does not quite live up to its promise of “No crafts or reproductions.”  There were several booths that contained antique-y stuff that was made to look old, and that’s a shame.

Still, the great majority of items were old, and there seemed to more dealers present than in the spring.  The crowd was a bit lighter though.  I’m not sure why, as it was a perfect day for out-of-doors antiquing.

The woman in the photo above made the deal of the day.  She bought two paisley shawls from the seller for $75.  They had a few little holes, but over all they looked great.

One seller had three boxes of vintage socks.  I loved the colors of these.

Lots of dealers had vintage Halloween collectibles.  I used to collect Halloween things before several books were written on the subject and the prices sky-rocketed.  I still love looking at it and I especially loved the big pumpkin, which is actually an apron.

This was a box of dead-stock swimsuits for little girls.  Note the Fuller Fabrics tag.

I should have bought this lounger, and probably would have been serious about it had there been two of them.

I usually don’t buy Seventeen (except for issues from the mid 1960s) unless they are dirt cheap.  These were $10 each, and while not terribly expensive, not worth it to me.

Love these great old ice skates!

This was a very interesting Edwardian dress.  Can you make out the beaded design?

Pretty creepy, no?

This attractive wool coat was labeled “Victorian,”  But it sure looks late 1930s to me.  The design on the front is very nice, and the price was attractive, but there were numerous moth holes.

This was a cute item – a booklet of cocktail napkins with anthropomorphic drinks.

This is a tin letter holder.  On the back was the date, 1923.  I really wanted this, but the seller was nowhere to be found and there was no price tag.  I meant to go back, but then forgot.

I can’t figure out why Acme used a brown boot in an ad featuring the Man in Black.

Meet Katie, the cutest salesgirl at the festival.

It’s always exciting to find a box full of miscellaneous old clothes.  In this case, I did not buy any of it, but there were some really nice items like that grey tweed.  It was a 1950s fitted jacket.

Nothing like a day on the farm!



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12 responses to “Liberty Antiques Festival – Fall 2013

  1. Liz…give me a hollar when there is an upcoming good flea market…one not too far away from Lincoln County. Enjoyed seeing the flea market pictures, they are always fun to see. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t get over that dress!!! What a gem to find something from that era with such a design!


  3. seaside

    Thanks Lizzie for all the different photos – for me it’s “kitchen-table” antiquing. Would love to be there.


  4. I can’t get over that dress either – the design is amazing, perfect for the season! We also collect old Halloween stuff – I’ve never seen a paper apron in that condition (it looks pretty nice). We had to cut back on the old costumes just for the reasons you said – the prices on old Halloween stuff are so high. Thanks for sharing (even my husband here can’t stop looking at the Edwardian dress!).


  5. I just love seeing you fleamarket pictures! Heh that spider dress is awesome
    The way the cobwebs are made – it looks a bit like they would make the bust bigger when worn 😀 That would be funny.


  6. oooh, I’m smitten with the booklet of cocktail napkins – those are just great! Makes me want to go out and do some antiquing this weekend!


  7. That lounger looks so comfortable–too bad there weren’t two! And I’m fascinated by that cobweb-beaded dress. I’d love to know the story behind that!


    • I looked at it really closely, because I thought that the designs may have been added at a later date than when the dress was fashionable. The beading looks to be old, and expertly done. The seller could not offer any insights to its origin.


  8. Hi Lizzie, I’m a recent subscriber to your blog and I absolutely LOVE it! I loved these photos too and wonder if the brown boot was used in front of Johnny Cash because a black one wouldn’t have stood out visually? Just a thought, but anyway, wish we had such sales out here in the Seattle area!



  9. Personally the socks are my thing, especially if they were cotton! would have bought them all.


  10. Thank you for using our anthropomorphic cocktail napkins in your post! We hope you stop in and see what great things we have this spring! In fact, we have two of Marge Crunkelton’s mannequin ladies for our e vintage hat display
    Deborah and Jeanne
    Uppity Women Antiques & Collectibles


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