Ad Campaign: Shirt Classics by Sweet Adeline, 1960

I love a good double-entendre, and I’m assuming the Sweet Adeline product development people had two thoughts in mind when they named this blouse The Alpha.

I noticed this ad while looking for something else (I do that a lot) and it caught my eye because of some fabric I found about a year and a half ago.  When I spotted the fabric in a thrift store I thought it was vintage, but when I read the selvage I found the name of a modern designer.  I blogged about it at the time.

At the time I felt a bit bad about being momentarily fooled into thinking the fabric was early 1960s, but now I feel vindicated.  The prints are very, very similar.  A few years ago there was a big stink about one of the popular fabric designers.  Seems like she was taking vintage tablecloths and reproducing the prints as fabrics that she called her own.  Not that the alphabet fabric designer did this, but I can certainly see the vintage inspiration.


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12 responses to “Ad Campaign: Shirt Classics by Sweet Adeline, 1960

  1. McMullen collar? Looks like Peter Pan to me. Curiouser and curiouser.
    Unrelated question, what options does a 57 year woman have to find made in American new clothes?



    Its wonderful! I have so much fabric stored in the attic…


  3. Tim Hill

    Just wanted to let you know Cradle is closed and we will not be having our Classic Camp this weekend. Didn’t want you to make the trip and us not be there.


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    • Tim, thanks for the alert. I feared as much.

      To everyone who is scratching her head, Tim had invited me to observe a special event put on by a camping club where they re-enact a camp site from the early 20th century. They – men and women – dress in the proper clothing and do demonstrations in classic camping techniques.

      Unfortunately, the venue is the Cradle of Forestry, which is closed due to the nonsense currently occurring in Washington. Maybe next year…


  4. I hadn’t heard of a McMullen collar and just googled it and found an ad from 1964 with a nurse’s uniform with what appears to be a Peter Pan collar. Any idea why it was called a McMullen collar?
    Those prints are so similar, although I think I’d like the ‘slate-loden-gold’ colorway more. In the thrift store recently, I saw an exact duplicate of a 70s fabric I own used by a contemporary manufacturer for a nightgown (will post on my blog at some point).


  5. About 1959, Mom received a box in the mail and we kids gathered ’round. “It’s for me”, she said. Out came plastic wrapped shirts looking just like this one. They were perfectly folded too. One was actually slate/loden/mustard colored. The model in the illustration looks alot like my young mother too. We marveled that clothes came in the mail but with 4 children under six, Mom didn’t have time to shop!


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