Metropolitan Magazine, October, 1909

How does an illustrator say “autumn” without drawing leaves and pumpkins?  One way is to do it with color.  The orange and browns, along with the deep blue (for the October sky) says “autumn” quite effectively.

I don’t know who the artist is, and I don’t have the magazine with me, but it looks like the work of Edward Penfield.  Penfield was best known for his Harper’s covers, but he also illustrated other magazines like Metropolitan.

Metropolitan was not a fashion publication.  As the name suggests, it was a magazine for New Yorkers.  Established in 1895, in the early years it focused on the New York theater scene, but soon branched off into other facets of city life.  The magazine became increasingly political as the country moved toward involvement in World War I, and was highly critical of President Wilson.  Some of the articles were written by Teddy Roosevelt who was an editor at the magazine.

After the war the magazine focused on publishing stories and serialized novels, and included writers like Jack London, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Edna Ferber.   The last issue was published in 1925.


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8 responses to “Metropolitan Magazine, October, 1909

  1. What a beautiful illustration!


    • This illustration does look like fall…your right, just by the choice of color. Do you think the young ladies legs were intentionally not painted with skin or stocking color? …. also her shoes are WHITE (AFTER September) It looks incomplete….or at the very least, a contradiction. smile.

      Perhaps this cover was painted “PRE-no white after September rule.” another smile.

      Regardless, I like the cover and agree with the use of color doing the talking rather than words. Thanks Lizzie.


      • Marge, the white legs are most likely white stockings. I have several pairs in my collection, and I’ve always thought of them as summer-time wear. I was hoping the white shoes would be mentioned. I don’t have a definite answer, but I tend to agree with Juliet below.


  2. What a beautiful image! And you are so right–the colors, together with her thoughtful, almost melancholy expression–capture the season without showing any leaves…

    The white shoes are an interesting choice!


  3. White shoes etc = artistic license I do declare.. and what proto Laura Ashley style jumper dress!


  4. Well, even if they are white, I love those shoes!


  5. Joao Pereira

    Do you know if inside this number there is an article about Point Loma written by Katherine Tingley? Thanks


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