What I Didn’t Buy – 1960s Evening Bag

I went on a little vintage hunt yesterday and spotted this pretty little evening bag.  It is green suede, not exactly a material one might associate with date night, but the diminutive size and the interior of the bag make this the perfect bag for a dinner date.

The bag has two openings, at top flap, and at the bottom.  The top opens like an envelope.  But it is the bottom opening that is so interesting.

The latch pulls back to expose the interior.

Along with a mirror, there are spaces for a compact, lipstick and cigarettes.  Really nifty.

So why didn’t I buy it?  I guess the main reason is that I already have a very similar bag made in black satin.  And as much as I loved this one, I couldn’t justify the purchase as I’m really trying to concentrate on casual wear.   At $32 I was tempted to buy it and use it myself, but I never wear green.

Still, it does point out what a great buy vintage evening bags can be.  They are often in fantastic condition because most women didn’t use them as much as a day bag.  They are plentiful in antique stores because it seems that women held on to them.  Makes you wonder why anyone would buy a new bag when the vintage ones are so sweet.



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10 responses to “What I Didn’t Buy – 1960s Evening Bag

  1. Wow! That sure is nifty! And what a fab shade of green! I used to never wear that color, but now it’s one of my favorites!

    And I agree, why buy new when vintage ones are so neat and unique!


  2. Wire 9 Vintage

    Oh. I would have had to have that! I haven’t come across one like that yet, sadly. I will keep a sharp eye out.


  3. Teresa

    Such a sweet bag and the makeup compartment is brilliant!

    I agree 100% on why people buy new when there are so many great quality vintage bags out there.


  4. Such a clever bag! I’ve never seen one like that before. I love the innovation of that era.

    Lizzie, we’ve been privy to your closet. We know you don’t wear green :)!


  5. S Geiger

    Green is not for me either, but I would have purchased that bag just to have it and look at it.


  6. Hari

    Oh my that’s gorgeous!!! I want it! 🙂


  7. S Geiger

    As a young girl and woman I had auburn hair and green did look well with that. Just can’t stand it anymore and I wonder if that’s why.


  8. I hope that bag finds a good home before the “year of emerald green” is past! It is pretty wonderful – thanks for showing it to us!


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