Sewing Project – Vogue 8714

I really do prefer to sew with vintage patterns, but I do buy new ones on sale and when I find them at my not-so-secret shopping place.  After losing my old stand-by sweater last week, I had to scurry to make a replacement once it became obvious I was not going to find anything I liked in the stores.

This is where it pays to “collect” fabrics.  Most sewers call it their “stash” but I’m a little too 1970s to apply that word to fabrics.  At any rate, I do love shopping for fabrics, both new and vintage.  For the past five years or so my favorite not-so-secret place for finding fabrics is my local Goodwill Outlet.  The outlet is not a regular Goodwill thrift; it is where the sorters pile the rejects into big bins and sell the contents for $1.10 a pound.  It is an incredible bargain.  The Goodwill stores in my area do not sell fabrics and patterns in their stores, so sewing supplies always end up in the bins.

For my jacket I used a black wool and poly blend twill, and for the lining I used a vintage black and white mini gingham.  I wanted something light and casual that can substitute for a sweater.  Just throw it on over whatever else I’m wearing.  I like the combination, but to be honest, the outer fabric is a bit on the synthetic side, and if I were shopping today I probably would have passed on it.  But it sewed up nicely, and it looks like it will wear well.

I added a bit of colorful trim on the inside waist, just for fun.

I used only one button.  This one came from my button box.  Yes, I do collect buttons as well.

I put vents at the ends of the sleeves, and they can be turned back to show a bit more of the check.

And finally, a quick look at the supermodel and her new jacket.  I’ll be making another jacket, this time from jersey knit.  I’m still trying to find just the right pattern, but for now at least I have a jacket to warm up things a bit.

I want to add a small plug for my Instagram photos.  I find that I like this photo format very much, due to all the interaction and the fact that 95% of the photos seem to have been made by the poster.  And there is no re-posting, so the ownership of the photos is not so questionable.  I’ve been posting little previews of my blog posts, along with with lots of things that never make it here.  It’s a fun format.


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28 responses to “Sewing Project – Vogue 8714

  1. Like you, I prefer vintage patterns to new ones, but I’ve found myself having to buy new ones when I need something really specific, mainly though for costumes.

    I find it really interesting that your local Goodwill doesn’t carry patterns and such. Most of ours do.

    Great job too! I am in awe of your craftsmanship!



    It looks wonderful! I also love Instagram but it is re=posting all day long. I should send you my button box so SOMEONE uses it!


  3. Finished just in time, Liz….there will be a cool spell headed toward Carolina. Keep warm. Thanks for sharing the cool picture.


  4. Normally, it seems clothes never come out looking as good as the illustration on the pattern. But, your jacket is so much nicer than the illustrations! I admire your sewing skills.
    I enjoyed seeing your scottie a day photos on Instagram.


  5. OH, gorgeous!! I love all the details in the ribbon and buttons. Great choice for the lining too, very classic and still fun. Looks terrific on you.


  6. Wow! That’s a really neat job Lizzie! Super work. 🙂 xx


  7. Martha's Modes Millinery

    That’s fabulous, I love it and it has a touch of the 40s about it!
    When we go to the States, I always make a beeline for the Goodwill shops but didn’t know there was such a thing as a Goodwill Outlet. I have my fingers crossed that there will be one in Kissimee as it looks as though we are headed there next year!


  8. Nice jacket! That button is perfect, too.


  9. That is a great jacket–and of course a wonderful button. I would like to see a post about your button collection!


  10. Love the jacket, Lizzie. Thanks for sharing where you found your fabric. Amazing that you found things through Goodwill. I’m told there is a young man in my area who does the same thing, making amazing things from the bottom of bins. I have not had that kind of success myself, but did once buy an old suit jacket to tear apart and use a piece of the wool for a lesson on pleating wool during a correspondence course I took through the Smocking Arts Guild of America. There are still some wonderful people weaving beautiful worsteds here in the States and in the UK. I admire the cloth from Pendleton and Huddersfield Cloth. Your skills deserve that kind of workmanship, Lizzie. 🙂


  11. Yes. We went there, boy, back in 2001, during travel to a business meeting in Portland. We were amused that the town was having a sort of cowboy days, and the mood was more “country” than the image that Pendleton had in our minds of higher end textiles. We enjoyed seeing lots of blanketing fabric, but I didn’t come home with garment cloth. They also do have a web blog where they discount cloth at times and post it up for grabs. I haven’t paid attention in a while, however. I have two or three pieces of cloth that my late mother-in-law purchased and never used. I’m looking forward to working with it…..


  12. The jacket looks fabulous!
    (I wonder what a stash would consist of in the 70s, hmmmmn?!?)


  13. Great job Lizzie and it looks wonderful on you. I love the little button and lining details.


  14. Such a great jacket! Love the details! It has a nice vintage vibe for being a modern pattern. =)


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