What I Didn’t Buy – The Park Antique Tennis Racket

I’m sure you have spotted the problems with this elderly tennis racket, but I still was almost a victim to its charms.  It just stands to reason that a collector of sportswear would be attracted to the corresponding sports equipment, even if they would just be props.  I’ve been tempted before, and I’ve resisted, just as I resisted this great old racket.

Click to see the great logo.

The maker was Wright & Ditson, a sporting goods company started by baseball player George Wright and businessman Henry Ditson in 1871.  The company was bought in 1891 by Spalding, but the Wright & Ditson name was used until the 1930s.  Some sources say the the Spalding company bought up other sports equipment companies  and then continued to use the name of the acquired company in order to give the appearance of competition to consumers.  Today there is a “vintage” sports shirt company that uses the Wright & Ditson name.

The best I can tell, this racket was made in the very late 1800s, or in the first decade of the 1900s.  The oval shape was introduced around 1885, and a 1910 catalog shows an up-dated form of the tennis-player logo, so I’m pretty sure it dates within that range.


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8 responses to “What I Didn’t Buy – The Park Antique Tennis Racket

  1. It has so many stories to tell!


  2. I CAN see why you would have wanted to purchase this racket. It looks like it should belong on someone’s
    collectable sports wall. I love it too.


  3. Indeed, that logo is a smasher


  4. Very cool! My mom had one similar to that, but I don’t remember the brand. I remember how odd it seemed that there was no grip. I think hers would have to have been from the late 20s or early 30s though, as she was born in 1916, unless she inherited it from someone. Come to think of it, it may very well have been older, as my dad had one from the early 30s and it looked more similar to the ones I saw in the late 60s, at least in shape.


  5. Lisa k baker

    I somehow ended up with one of these rackets, has been in storage for years and I am now trying to sell it. Have seen prices vary from $100 to $20.


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