Ad Campaign – Cutex Nail Polish, 1943

To Wear in your Country’s Service Cutex Presents “On Duty”

Dedicated to you thousands of WAVES and WAACS, Canteen Workers and War Factory Workers, Ambulance Drivers and Nurse’s Aides who are working for your country…

Is it just me, or do those nails look like weapons?


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6 responses to “Ad Campaign – Cutex Nail Polish, 1943

  1. Connie

    You notice that no mention was made of nurses in the ad. The ad men knew their potential customers. Nurses were not allowed nail polish or jewelery at that time.


  2. seaside

    Yes, weapons, but also military stripes. I love it! Thanks.


  3. Very neat ad. I love WWII ads directed towards women. I have a shoe shine ad from 1943 where a woman in uniform was instructed to shined her shoes!



  4. Teresa

    They do look a little weapony!


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