Bonnie Cashin for Russ Taylor Rain Coat

I really did not intend to write anything else about Bonnie Cashin, but when I opened today’s mail, this coat fell out of a package.  It was from April of NeatBikVintage, who really does know how to make someone’s day special.

Bonnie Cashin’s association with Philip Sills ended in 1977, and the next year she started designing for Russel Taylor, a maker of rainwear.  Until she retired in 1985, Cashin made coats under the Weatherwear for Russ Taylor label, most of which were two colors of water-resistant cotton.  The outer shell was often a tan or khaki, and the interior and trim was a bright color like orange, or a cool color like charcoal grey or marine blue.  Or a black coat might be paired with tan trim and lining.

Cashin continued to use the features that she loved so much, and which makes her garments uniquely hers – metal closures, large pockets, simple shapes, supreme comfort.

These snaps at the side might seem to be purely decorative, but this is car coat length, and undoing the snaps would make the coat roomier in the car seat.  They could then be snapped to help protect against the weather.

The bright orange lining adds a spark of warmth to a gloomy, rainy day!

Thanks so much April.  You are a dear!


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10 responses to “Bonnie Cashin for Russ Taylor Rain Coat

  1. I love metal closures….Iove this car coat too. I hope you will wear it next time it rains. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Love her designs. I wish she had done sewing patterns.


  3. What a wonderful surprise! And great coat too…

    Thanks for sharing some great Cashin info and examples with us!


  4. Susan

    A wonderful, practical, design, with form & function attractively combined. One reason I never bought a Bonnie Cashin leather trimmed wool suit, although I admired them in stores, was that the combination of wool and leather made the difficulty and expense of dry-cleaning them very intimidating. I assumed that I could (barely) afford the garment, but not the upkeep. That wonderful textural contrast of leather trim with nubby wool was definitely a social class signifier for me — it screamed upper middle class. This rain jacket must have reached a much wider market.


  5. What a fabulous package to receive in the mail!


  6. Please feel free to write about Cashin as much as you’d like. I think it is fascinating and I’m sure many others would agree.


  7. Marcie Mottin

    I saw you mentioned Bonnie Cashin designed rainwear for Russ Taylor… I just bought a wool jacket she made while working with him. Is it more rare since it’s wool and not really rain resistant material?


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