Ad Campaign – Bonnie Cashin for Philip Sills, 1958

I usually put the date  in the title of Ad Campaign posts, but I was curious to see how readers would date this ad.  You can’t say 2013, though you could walk down the street wearing this jacket and slacks and no one would guess that the ensemble was vintage.

Any guesses?


I’ve added the date of the ad, which is 1958.  The ad reveals a lot about how “modern” Bonnie Cashin’s designs are.  While this is from 1958, it is a look that many of us associate with five years later.

I’ve been reading a lot about Cashin lately, and I found one online forum where people were showing her work and discussing it.  One poster said something to the effect of, “Well, big deal.  That’s stuff you can find in any store.”   It’s kind of like rock singers singers today saying they weren’t influenced by the Beatles.  Of course they were whether they realize it or not.  And the same can be said about the way we dress today and Bonnie Cashin.


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19 responses to “Ad Campaign – Bonnie Cashin for Philip Sills, 1958


    I can’t guess but any designer that uses the word Palomino is GREAT !


  2. I was going to say early ’60s – 61 or 62?


  3. My guess is sometime between 1958 and 1964. Slim pants, pointed shoes and the back detail to the jacket look to me to be about that time frame. Whatever the date, I want that outfit!!


  4. I’d have guessed (wildly) 50s because I can see it with one of those narrow-waisted, wide-at the calf skirts….but “chickmanship”?


  5. My guess is 1958! But…I can see it as 60s, or contemporary, too!


  6. I’m going to guess 1959/1960. But so contemporary. The kind of outfit that off duty fashion models just throw on. And I love the word “Jackateer”


  7. Wire 9 Vintage

    I’m also going to guess early 60s as there is a bit of a Laura Petrie feel go it!


  8. I’d guess late ’50s or early ’60s as most of the other commenters have as well. Not only are the pants, shoes, and hairstyle making me think that, but also the fonts. You just can’t go wrong with the classic styles!



    I agree early 60s but am thrilled to see my favorite D.C. store mentioned – Garfinckel’s!


  10. Nancy

    I’m guessing roughly 1962-1965


  11. Sometime in the 60s, I would guess – but just had to say I LOVE this illustration! And thanks for introducing me to Bonnie Cashin.


  12. Thanks to all who guessed. The answer is 1958, so some of you hit it on the nose, and all were very close.

    I would have guessed 1960, or may 1961, or even 1962! It really is hard to pin down this look!


  13. Frankly, I would have said 2013. Give me that outfit, and I’d wear it today.


  14. I *love* this! Gosh, I would so wear this. I am arriving late to the party and already know the answer, but my guess would have been early 1960s. Need those pants and a Jacketeer! Fabulous.


  15. I love this topic, can you give us the link to that Cashin forum? (thanks!)


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