Vintage Charlotte Holiday Pop-up Market

I first went to the Vintage Charlotte Market in June, and I liked it enough that I made the trip for their holiday show.  I was not disappointed.  The show is not just for vintage clothing, but rather, is a mix of all kinds of old stuff.  The vendors were well stocked and prepared for the 10 am opening.  By 11 the place was packed.

Many of the vendors did have clothing, and so there was quite a bit to look through.  I bought a pair of 1960s bowling shoes from the owner of this booth.

With Christmas and the Holidays coming up, there were boxes of vintage decorations.  I can remember when these could be found for a dime each at the thrift stores.  That was before Martha Stewart showed the world how to make a wreath from them.

The fishy bag was unsigned, and was a craft project, maybe.

This basket bag was not a craft project, as it still had a JC Penney tag attached.  I can remember when these were popular in the late 1960s.  I made one from a fruit basket and some red, white, and blue canvas.

The dress does not look like much in my terrible photo, but it was very nice.  It is net with appliques and an attached under dress.

And here is a close-up of the sleeve.

I had these shoes in the 1980s, and if these had been my size I would have bought them.  Made by Hush Puppies, they were the most comfortable shoes ever.  It is a bit of a bummer seeing the very same stuff you wore not too many years ago being sold as vintage, though.

From 1968, this “Misses Gay Nineties Costume” might be something to carry in the back of my mind just in case a weird “old” bathing costume comes my way!

The market was held at the Fillmore Charlotte, which is a music hall located in an old industrial building.  The only real problem with the set-up is the terrible lighting.  The room is dark, as you can see, and all the lights are extremely bright.  The lucky sellers were located near a window because they could get a little natural light.

So pretty… so distracting…

Finally, the mustache craze makes sense to me.  Isn’t this the best food truck?

At the last minute I decided to drive a few miles to Concord, NC, to two malls I’d heard of but never visited.  First up was The Depot at Gibson Mill.  Housed in an old cotton mill, the building itself was very interesting.  Best of all it is huge.  I could have spent the entire day there, and by the time I’d seen it all, I was pretty much out of energy.  I did manage a quick walk-through at the White Owl Antique Mall, which was also nice.

Concord is in the middle of cotton country, and today there are dozens of the old factories standing empty.  It was great seeing the Gibson Mill being used not only as an antique mall, but also housing offices and other businesses.  The community around the old mill consists of mill houses, many of which look to have been restored and nicely maintained.

My eight-year-old self wanted this badly.

I’m always happy to see Vera Neumann designs.  This is a tablecloth.


I’m looking at this Yuengling calendar, wondering why I did not buy it.  Why?

What is it about old letter sweaters?  I love them so much.


This beautiful old tennis graphic was glued inside an old box, which I assume held lawn tennis equipment at one time.  Still, the box was a real find and it was in nice condition except for the crack.  It also was not for sale.

More tennis, a few decades later.  This is a poster ad for tennis shoes.

All in all it was a great day.  I’ll share what I bought in another post.


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16 responses to “Vintage Charlotte Holiday Pop-up Market

  1. Lillace Christianson

    Oh, I so wish I could have gone to the Vintage Charlotte Holiday Market. I could have filled several booths with vintage clothing, accessories, etc., but the timing just didn’t work for our family. Maybe next year. Glad you had a fun day!



    Looks like a great day all around ! Especially the dress!


  3. Thanks for the overview! We weren’t able to make it, so I love living it vicariously through you!


  4. I saw flyers about the Charlotte Vintage Market….but it gave NO address…so I missed it. Don’t know where The Fillmore is.

    I have been to The Depot Mill and it IS big and very nice. However, there is a new huge old mill turned antique mall in BELMONT, NC. This one is called Catawba River Antique Mall…it is advertised as the second largest antique mall with 450 to 500 booths (The Depot is largest).

    I suggest you wait a month or so to go to Belmont….all the booth space is not filled in yet…But the booths are fabulous…cafe…auctions…very very nice and growing.

    I have a booth showing my mannequin heads in the Belmont Mall.


    • For the next one I’ll send directions. It is a bit hard to find (at least for me, an out-of-towner).

      I saw the billboards for the Catawba River Mall, and fully intended on stopping on my way home. But unfortunately someone asked me to pick up something at Bass Pro Shop (never go to that crazy place on a Saturday) and it made me very late. Add in the insane traffic and I was one grumpy traveler…

      I will stop on my next trip though.


  5. I’m so jealous!!! it sounds and looks terrific, Lizzie!

    i love your blog SO much!! xoxox


  6. Looks like vintage shopping heaven! That grey dress is absolutely stunning, I wish modern clothes had the same kind of construction and detail.


  7. I really wish I could have been there – sounds like a perfect day! And I had those Hush Puppies in teal and white.


  8. Haha, that mustache food cart! I don’t think I could have passed up that grey dress :o) What a fun day you had.


  9. James Adams

    Wow there’s another large Antique and Designer Mall coming to Gaston County! The name is Smyre Mill Antique & Designer Market Place they will host Antique Car shows also! Address is 2501 Lowell Road Ranlo NC there are signs on the building with contact info. Sounds exciting!! There offering free vendor storage space as well.


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