Ad Campaign – White Stag, 1953

Black Magic

There’s pure sorcery in the exciting colors of White Stag’s dramatic new ski jacket.  Soft pastel shades are sharply accented by jet black Zelan-treated corduroy and typically White Stag “railroad” stitching.

Wear it straight or with a black web waist cincher, or tuck it in… it’s magic!

Thanks to the US Patent and Trademark Office website, I can tell you that Zelan is a chemical compound that is applied to fabrics to make them waterproof.  It is still trademarked by du Pont – “Better Things for Better Living…Through Chemistry”.

It’s been snowy all day, and I’m sure the local ski resorts are loving it.  Actually, I’m loving it too.  There’s just something special about the first snowfall of the year.


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10 responses to “Ad Campaign – White Stag, 1953

  1. jasonasch

    Emilio pucci designed for white stag.

    Sent from Cernobbio


  2. There is something magic about that first sign. I admit to feeling pretty giddy when we had ours yesterday, it was so pretty. Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. That is such a cute jacket! I wish cold weather gear was this cute these days!


  4. Susan

    Thanks for the memory jog! Pink and black was such a popular color combination in the 50s that some Californians painted their houses in combinations of charcoal gray and pink. (Our houses tend to be made of wood and stucco — more flexible than brick houses in case of earthquakes.) Also very 50s: a black felt circle skirt with a pink poodle — and a memorable black circle skirt decorated with pink elephants — which I saw right here on the Vintage Traveler Blog!


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