Ladies’ Home Journal, February, 1949

To celebrate the first snow for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, I thought a bit of a sledding party was in order.  I love how the mother and children are all dressed alike, right down to the half-belts on the backs of their coats.  And such an effective use of red, seen only on the caps and in their cheeks (and Mom’s lips).  


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7 responses to “Ladies’ Home Journal, February, 1949

  1. This is darling! I also love how “Journal” is written!


  2. Lillace Christianson

    Gorgeous cover~~I’ve pinned it and given you credit. Hope you’ve had a very happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Wire 9 Vintage

    I do miss the days of such beautiful illustrations as a matter of everyday life!


  4. Ultrawoman

    I like the illustration. I’m still glad I’m in California.


  5. It’s a totally captivating illustration.
    (though the what’s-inside box in the lower left corner does add a somber note)


  6. Love it. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Another California no snow–but I do remember it from my Chicago youth!


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