Mid Century Christmas in Aqua and Pink

This vintage apron is made from what I think to be the best Christmas novelty print ever.   Not only are the 1950s colors fantastic, just look at those reindeer.

Several years ago I decided to forego the traditional red and green decorations, and instead began searching out vintage blue and aqua things.  While finding vintage ball ornaments in blue is pretty easy, I  was stymied when it came to finding textiles such as tablecloths.  I do know there was an aqua Christmas tablecloth made in the 1950s, because I’ve seen it and its hefty pricetag on etsy and ebay.

But I was lucky to find this apron.  I’ve seen a lot of Christmas textiles, but I’ve never seen any other this whimsical with these colors.  I know some of you readers are mid century collectors, and I’d be interested to know if you have ever encountered any textile items that are similar.

The apron goes nicely with my snowflake glasses, even though my photos make the apron look too blue.

I don’t collect, nor do I wear, aprons.  I bought this purely for the textile design, just like I bought the other five aprons in my possession for their textiles.


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7 responses to “Mid Century Christmas in Aqua and Pink

  1. Susan

    Very nice apron and glasses. I love the vintage aquas and pinks>


  2. I have a similar resistance to the traditional red and green color scheme at Xmas and have tweaked it to be magenta and lime green! Makes it a bit more fun and mod around the Hacienda – and the aqua you have is a nice accent to that palette! I’ll keep my eyes open for items in your color scheme when I’m out and about.
    I’ve got a number of holiday aprons – some decorative “hostess” ones and other more utilitarian ones. The one I wore during some of our party yesterday ended up being very handy as it had a pocket perfect for my cell phone – good to keep an update on what guests would not be arriving because of the snow! It’s also reversible – one side says Merry Christmas and the other says Happy New Year 🙂


  3. I dislike using the phrase “it’s adorable” because it sounds a gushy, but it was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw these wonderful 50s graphics. Love it.


  4. Love your apron! The new year’s baby descending by umbrella is just the perfect extra touch, but I agree the reindeer are unequaled. Simply wonderful textile!


  5. That is one of the coolest Christmas prints – I love it! And those glasses with the caddy are wonderful! I would leave those out all winter if I had them.

    I have different color schemes for different rooms for Christmas (partly because my rooms are so different the rest of the year). I have a ’50s kitchen and I decorate with red, green, and lime for December because the rest of the year it’s shades of blues with greens (my walls are chartreuse and my fridge is robin egg blue) with a little bit of orange thrown in.


  6. I’d be afraid to actually use that apron. I see that the pricey tablecloth on eBay has sold. I’d certainly be afraid to use that, too!


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