Charm – December 1952

Could a Christmas look be any more festive?  Here’s proof that one does not have to be wearing a big gaudy red sweater decorated with Santa’s sleigh complete with reindeer, including Rudolph with light-up nose.

No, all it takes is a softly structured coat in a soft dove grey, sparkly earrings, bright red lipstick, and a gloved hand full of carefully chosen and wrapped gifts.


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17 responses to “Charm – December 1952

  1. seaside

    You said it. Couldn’t be perfected.


  2. Lizzie…I am surprised…Don’t tell me you prefer the beautiful model, dressed in a smart coat, gloves, etc. carrying the teeny tiny gift in her hand wrapped with a festive trim… to the traditional Christmas “Ugy” sweater??? How about all of us who LOVE the Santa Sweaters, Rudolph Red Nose, Snow Men and what ever, that come out of hiding each December to celebrate the season and make us smile or laugh.?

    Nationally, there is a growing trend toward “Ugly Sweater Parties” poping up everywhere….have you noticed? These sweaters are great conversation pieces and ice breakers.
    However, That is a beautiful cover for December CHARM.


    • Marge, sorry to disappoint, but yes, I do prefer this model! One of the reasons I retired from teaching was to escape from the festive over-kill that stalked the school on the other teachers’ backs every December (and October wasn’t much better.) Not to bash my fellow educators, but I wanted to have a mass sweater burning every year!

      Okay, I am exaggerating a little bit, and I do own one Christmas sweater myself. That’s another story.


  3. That is a lovely cover for sure. Christmas is the one time I can go all out with my vintage dresses and yes, coats to Christmas parties! I don’t have one quite like this or in this fabulous shade but I have just about every other color, haha!


  4. Beautiful evocative Christmas cover. Today’s December cover models wear slinky gowns like it’s high summer! Have you noticed the morning female newscasters look like they’re going to a cocktail party at 7:00 am? Where are the beautiful winter sweaters and skirts? One doesn’t have to look slinky in the daytime to be beautiful. Sorry – little pet peeve.

    I also love the curated gifts here. In my favorite Christmas films, only a few tasteful gifts were given. Thank you for the lovely picture Lizzie!


  5. Ultrawoman

    Looks like something Betty Draper might wear.


  6. I’m amazed to hear that it was Christmas sweaters that drove you from teaching. For me, it was faulty subject/verb agreement. But then no one wore Christmas sweaters where I worked.


  7. Beautiful cover, and I’m with Emily–so nice to see a model dressed appropriately for the season (at least, appropriate for those of us in the northern hemisphere!). Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons, overall and fashion-wise, and I wish people still dressed as chic-ly and as understatedly as this model.


  8. Love that coat! And please excuse late response – in end-of-year catch-up mode. 😉


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