Vintage Shopping in Asheville, NC

Over the past two weeks I’ve visited all my favorite vintage shopping places in Asheville.  To be such a small city, there are lots of interesting places to look for vintage treasures.  I actually took these photos over three days.  There is no way you can do justice to the old stuff stores of Asheville in just one day.

This record tree and the Santa ladder above can be found at The Screen Door.  This place is a little off the beaten path, but it is well worth finding.  It seems like no matter how often I go there, I find new things of interest.

I really liked this pretty equestrienne.

I actually found this Scottie print at a thrift store.  The thrifts in Asheville sometimes seem to be really picked over, but it is possible to still get lucky.

Click to enlarge.

There are several antique stores and malls downtown.  I’ve shown this fantastic store, Magnolia Beauregard’s, before but it is worth another look.  The collection of mannequins and hat heads is really impressive, plus he sells some great hats and vintage clothing.

Here’s an interesting twist on an old favorite: Pin the Shoe on Cinderella.

This is the cover of a 1920s tourist brochure for Glacier National Park.

Lexington Park Antiques is also a favorite of mine.  I found these cute 1950s clam diggers.  They were made by White Stag.  Note the striped lining where the leg is rolled.

This forearm looks a bit gruesome at first, but note that it is a display piece for Van Raalte gloves.  It actually stands on the base.

My photo comes nowhere near to showing off this lovely quilt, made of velvet pieces.

Time for a break.  This is the Mellow Mushroom, which is housed in an old service station.

These two coats were made by Davidow.  I was happy to be able to examine them so soon after writing about the company.

If I don’t stop with the vintage patterns, I’m going to have to get one of these vintage storage pieces.

The day after I took these photos of this Red Cross vest, one of my Instagram friends posted an old article on knitting a Red Cross Sweater.

Someone bought this Sally Victor flower explosion and didn’t have the nerve to wear it.  Or at least that’s my guess.  Anyway, it was fun seeing the hangtag.

And here I am, unable to pass a mirror without taking a look at my own image.  I’m wearing my favorite vintage coat, a Pendleton!


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19 responses to “Vintage Shopping in Asheville, NC

  1. Betty Long-Schleif

    I am enjoying your blog so much, Thank you


  2. oohhh you hit some of my favorite places!! did you get to sweeten creek? seriously biting my nails to get home…soon! maybe we should hit up a few places together! 🙂


  3. So much nice old stuff! The antique shops around here are getting junkier – repro stuff and pastel-painted furniture.


  4. S Geiger

    Did you buy the Scottie print, Lizzie? My Romeo is black but his ears are natural like the white dog. Thus named because he is a ‘lover!’

    Also, what was the price of the VanRaalte piece? I cannot read it.

    Merry Christmas to you~



    Funny we both did a post on the Vintage Red Cross! You look great!


  6. This looks sooo wonderful – so much choice, so much quality! Must make it down there!


  7. Alice McGary

    Just visited Pendleton Mill in Milwaukie Oregon today. Such beautiful fabrics–but could only afford to touch and wish. btw I have 2 old pattern storage cabinets in my garage–just bring a truck and pick them up.


  8. Well, I would have bought the red Davidow coat and the pattern file case. And you look great, by the way!


  9. Oh you look so stylish in your photo! This is so fun, and I get a vicarious thrill from “shopping” along with you but not buying a thing.



  10. Wire 9 Vintage

    Thanks for sharing! I sold one of those Red Cross vests a while back to someone in Japan, interestingly. Kind of wish I’d kept it now… It was pretty neat!


  11. Great finds, now I am itching to get down to Asheville!


  12. Wow! So many treasures! My dad collects those Santas that are in the first picture.

    And those White Stag clam diggers are AMAZING! Especially with the stripes!!


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