Glamour, December, 1953

Let’s focus on the dress.

And who wouldn’t whisper compliments to the girl in the holly-berry red dress? Heavily textured lace overlays satin for a party dress that’s bare of shoulder  but covered of arm.  By Suzy Perette in Liberty cotton lace over acetate satin.  About $35.  Shoes by Herbert Levine.  

Suzy Perette was not an actual person.  It was the name of one of the labels owned by Lombardy Frocks, which was located in the Garment District of New York City.  The owner of Lombardy, Max Blauner, would buy the rights to reproduce dresses from Paris designers.  Dior was a favorite, and you can see Dior’s influence in this lovely dress.

Suzy Perette was considered to be a moderately priced line, and it was marketed toward young career women.  The $35 price tag does seem to be moderate, but in the 2013 dollar, the price is closer to $300.

By looking at the photo, even the original cover, I would never have guessed the dress was lace.  Thank goodness for the “On the cover’ feature.

Photographer:  Leonibruno-Bodi

Models: Not credited

Copyright: Condé Nast



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6 responses to “Glamour, December, 1953

  1. It’s such a lovely dress. …..”but covered of arm” haha! that’s what I always need in a dress nowadays!



  2. Inflation is a funny thing! I wonder what $300 will get you these days in terms of a new dress. I’m so out of the loop! But I wonder if it would give you the same quality (and manufacture location) as this dress!


    • $300 will get you a very well made dress for day, and you can even find made in the USA at that level. Dobbin has great dresses for less than $300, and Nanette Lepore has beautiful things that start around $300. But for a party dress with Liberty lace I’d think you’d be more in the $500+ range.

      Clothes today are much cheaper today by comparison, but it is the high quality that one really pays for. Suzy Perette was a medium quality company, but I’ve examines quite a few, and the work today would be considered very good.


  3. That dress is exquisite! Wish I could go back to 1953 with my life savings and shop till I drop. $35.00 for that dress! Swoon!


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