Anton Refregier, Part II

One of the things I like best about the internet is that it is possible to build a “community.”  I know that term is somewhat over-used, but here is a lot of truth in calling the network of vintage and fashion history lovers on the web a community.

The big strength of this community is that if you have a need for information about a specific area, chances are you know someone who either knows the answer, or who can find it through their sources.  It’s great that there are so many people with different strengths.  If I need information about a shoe, I know who to email.  If I need to know about Chanel construction, or magazine publishing, or California fashion, I know who to ask.

A few weeks ago a request was posted on a facebook page about a fabric.  Mod Betty saw the post and suggested the poster, Diane, email me, which she did.  I immediately recognized the fabric, not because I’m an expert on that type of thing, but because a fabric by the same artist had been posted on the VFG forums, and I did a blog post about the fabric and the artist,  Anton Refregier.

Once she had the name, Diane was able to find the same fabric pictured in a paper she found online.  It was, indeed by  Anton Refregier, and was commissioned in 1952 as part of the Pioneer Pathways series by the  Associated American Artists.  What was interesting is that the selvedge was intact, but the printing was off the edge.  Diane was able to just detect the word “Pioneer.”

Diane sent some great photos of this very important artist print so I can share them, and also to ensure the print is documented in case others are looking for information about Refregier prints.
Photos copyright and courtesy of Diane Graves.


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8 responses to “Anton Refregier, Part II


    I might have one in the attic in my box of vintage fabrics. I would love to know who it is if not Refregier. Happy New Year to you!


  2. Lizzie – I’m so glad I’m part of what’s helping the internet be more “community”-like! So glad you and Diane were able to help each other out. Merry Christmas!


  3. Great post! This fabric not only reminded me of book illustrations of my youth, the post led me to a Refugier mural in my home town and a great illustrated interview with him about the illustrations (with photos) he did for Fortune magazine. He illustrated Fortune’s article about the founding of the UN, and was commissioned for several covers of the magazine:


  4. Christina

    Great print. I love the art of social realism painters.


  5. Hi Everyone,
    I am currently researching and writing about all the fabrics that the Associated American Artists produced from 1951-1957. Refregier’s work was part of the first line of fabrics called Pioneer Pathways in 1951 produced by Riverdale fabrics. They were showcased (along with the others) in Macy’s window and room displays. If anyone knows of other AAA fabrics I would love to talk to them. There are about 20 designs that I only have a name for and have never seen in person. Karen Herbaugh, curator, American Textile History Museum, Lowell, MA


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