Mid Century Cocktail Aprons

I’m seldom so literal, but when I say cocktail apron, I mean an apron with a cocktail print.  Why settle for a fancy, frilly thing when one can have cocktails on (and off) the apron?

This is the first one I bought, some years ago.  It remains my favorite because of the colors and the simple drawings.

This one is a bit old-fashioned, and a lot more realistic.  What sold me on this one was the waistband, which was engineered to be used for the waist and ties, and perhaps as pocket trim.  I also love the recipes floating  around the drinks.

The maker of this apron tried to stretch her fabric too far and ended up with a skimpy look.  No matter; the print makes up for it.

This is a border print, but the waistband is made from the large part of the print.  These prints almost always included a smaller print (as in my yellow apron) that was to be used as the waistband.  I bet our sewer was trying to use up a bit of fabric leftover from another project.

How about that weird perspective?  A touch of the modern.


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19 responses to “Mid Century Cocktail Aprons

  1. Now I believe that you have everything in your collection!


  2. Beth Pfaff

    My Mother (born in 1928) always wore an apron the second she stepped foot into her kitchen! They were the ones like these, no bib, and tied around the waist.


  3. Who would have thought of making a cocktail apron.

    But I am all for wearing aprons and even pack one when we go camping.

    Lil Bit Brit


  4. My son has a bar in downtown Chapel Hill, NC…and would love the first colorful apron with the reciepes (misspelled) on it…..I can see why it is your favorite, as well as mine. Thanks for sharing them.


  5. I love these, I have 2 of vintage aprons!


  6. So much fun these are. I wonder if there are any modern fabrics with a cocktail theme?


  7. Susan

    I LOVE these!!! You find the best things!!!


  8. Fabulous I’ve got the perfect tablecloth to go with these.


  9. So cute! I adore the first one! Aprons just make me smile when they are made with a novelty print. =)


  10. another fabulous mini-collection, Lizzie! Happy New Year! xo


  11. The first one you showed is my fave as well. That’s quite an unusual color combination. I was browsing on Etsy and saw this similarly themed tea towel: https://www.etsy.com/listing/163727293/vintage-apron-cocktail-tea-towel
    Seeing ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ in person is mind-blowing 🙂


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