Vintage Miscellany – January 5, 2014

I love this photo, but I can’t help but wish she had a cocktail in one hand, and perhaps, a cigarette in the other.  This was after all, the early 1960s.  My father-in-law always mourned for the good old days, before smoking was bad for you, as he put it.  Never-the-less, he quit smoking after the Surgeon General’s proclamation in 1964 revealed that smoking could kill you.  Ironically, he died of lung cancer anyway, in 2002.

But I digress.  Besides the fact that smoking has been bad for you for 50 years, there is other news to report.

*   Worn Through did a post on 1940s Make Do and Mend fashion, and included links to a TED Talk on the subject and some period film shorts.  Thanks to Lynn for the link.

*   Is it possible to get enough of Iris Aphel?  No.

*   A new exhibition at the International Center of Photography in New York shows the color work of Robert Capa.  It includes some great shots of ski resorts, so watch the slide show and try to look as glamorous in the snow.

*   Some museums are employing a “rapid response collecting strategy.”  Buy it while it’s hot.

*   The dream of every vintage shoe collector is to walk into a store like this one.

*   Nobody does a year in fashion review like Jonathan Walford.

*   The next Manhattan Vintage show is January 17 and 18.  Please go because I can’t.

*   The US government spends more than $1.5 billion on clothes a year, most of which comes from overseas factories.  Many are in violation of safety and human rights laws.  Call your congresspersons.

*   Garment workers in Cambodia have been protesting, trying to get a higher minimum wage.  On Friday the police decided to disperse the protesters using gunfire.  At least four protesters are dead, and several dozen are wounded.  I have no words.

Correction: links updated


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15 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – January 5, 2014

  1. Lizzie…I enjoyed todays article about the Family Shoe Store more than any other you have had. It was funny, interesting and most of all took me back about 75 years to memories of shopping with my mom when I was a small child. I will go back and view all the links you have underlined when I have more time to dwell on all the pictures. Thanks much, Liz

    P,S, I particularly appreciated the messy mess of a stock room in one of the pictures mid way through the photos. I wonder if one of those photos was Goldmans Dept. Store (long gone) on Mitchell St. in Milwaukee, Wis.


  2. I am with you on Iris Aphel – gals with glasses rock! (Says 4-eyed Mod B!)


  3. Diana Coleman

    I still have large round frames (Iris Apfel) types from the late 80’s. … dark tortoise, the other black. About two years ago, I took them to the optometrist and had them made into my shopping (always in my bag) glasses and a pair of dark glasses for driving. When I am shopping, I am always stopped and asked where I got my glasses….particularly by young people. They are dismayed when I tell them how old the frames are. Have no idea where they can be replaced when they finally crack from old age. Anybody have any ideas?


  4. Very nice blog. Great featured links. Sharing!


  5. That shoe store! And I *love* the Capa ski photos!

    That Cambodia workers story…ugh. (You linked to the US government clothing story, but I found a link to a NYT story about the Cambodian workers here: And another ugh for that story about the US government buying clothing from these countries that don’t protect the workers.


  6. All wonderful and interesting links! The last two are especially important ones. Thank you for sharing!


  7. Thank you for the link to Nancy Hill’s great TED talk on “make do and mend.”


  8. Teresa

    I adore Jonathan’s fashion reviews!


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  10. Thanks for the posts about how horrible the off-shore garment manufacturing industry is. I recently saw an article in the NY Times about US companies who are trying to bring it back here–but they can’t find enough skilled workers who can sew. Time to bring back Home Ec sewing!


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