1930s Rosebyrd Notebook

Last week had several of those days that it was too cold to even think about leaving my house, and I somehow got involved with cleaning my office.  It was a long overdue straightening and clearing away of clutter, and in the process I found some things that I forgotten that I had.

Hiding under a bookshelf was this 1930s school binder.  I bought it years ago from a retired teacher, and my guess is that it dates from her early teaching days.  It was unused, and I paid a dollar for it at a yard sale her daughter was having for her.  They had cleaned out the attic, and I bought a lot of old teaching things that day, all of which are long gone, except the binder.

In the binder I’d stored some articles I’d taken from sewing magazines and I’m looking forward to revisiting what I thought was important enough to save ten years ago.

The binder itself dates from the mid 1930s.  The plane flying is probably a DC-2, which was first produced in 1934.  Not that I know anything about airplanes; my husband identified it for me.

I kind of wish it had been gently used, or at least had the scheduled penciled in.

I love the ultra-modern train, but I love the traveler’s outfit even more.

Of course, this was back when girls’ sports took a real backseat to those of the boys.  Still it’s a bit disappointing that the artist didn’t at least show a girl basketball player.  In many schools it was the only sport that had a team for girls.


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11 responses to “1930s Rosebyrd Notebook

  1. vastlycurious.com

    The tennis player is swell though : )


  2. The couple on the cover look so stylish and carefree. I can understand the train image but the airplanes on back cover seem a bit out of place.


  3. It’s too bad they don’t make notebooks with great illustrations like that anymore. The notebook is a great object to look at period clothing and not a common one!


  4. Fab find! Look forward to hearing more about those articles from 10 years ago!


  5. I love finding things in my house too that I forgot I had – I love this notebook so much! the illustrations alone are worth the whole book.


  6. Love the man’s polo coat — my father had one that he still wore to the racetrack in the 1950s, big enough to wrap around him and his horse-crazy little girl when I went to the track with him. He didn’t wear “Oxford bags” pants, however — those look either 20s or 70s! Isn’t it amazing how even an old binder or empty notebook can be filled with the past?


  7. What a beautiful design for something so basic! I’m glad someone like you found it and rescued it so you were able to share it with the internet! =)


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