Vintage Sewing, Anne Adams 4926, Hat

After two projects that involved a lot of hand sewing, I was ready for something quick and easy.  I’d had the idea of hats on the back burner, and I had even bought a few patterns and made toiles.  But nothing really fit what I needed, which was a few winter hats to wear on winter walks.

I bought this pattern, Anne Adams 4926, back in the fall and while it was close to what I needed, it was not exact.  So I set about making the changes I wanted.  First, the crown was too high, so I shortened it and rounded the top a bit.  I also tapered the brim so that it was shorter in the back than in the front.

From the side you can see how I shortened the back brim a bit.  You can also see the brim seam, which should be in the back.  Since I was using more of the Harris Tweed that I used on my tweed/cashmere combination, I had to piece it, so both sides have seams.

This back view actually gives a better idea of the shape of the hat.  For some reason my front view makes it look like it sits flatter on the head.

I had the hat all cut out and ready to sew when I went to my fabric collection to find a lining fabric.  I wanted something soft and warm, and it occurred to me that this would be a good project for a lower quality cashmere sweater which had developed holes.  I didn’t have such a sweater, but I did find a cute cotton knit from the 1970s.

Okay, I know the Snoopy fabric is a bit unexpected, but I’d had this scrap forever, and was ready to use it.

The inside band is from a roll of  petersham I found a while back.

Overall it was a quick and easy project.  From start to finish, I guess I had two hours invested, and much of it was doing the stitching on the brim.

I’ve gotten two good projects from one ratty old jacket, and there is still enough to make something else.  So, should I make slippers?  How about mittens?



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17 responses to “Vintage Sewing, Anne Adams 4926, Hat

  1. Wow such a great hat, you are an awesome seamstress.
    I vote for slippers.


  2. Good Job, Liz. I vote for mittens … they will make a nice set for folks to admire when you go for those walks. Are you a self taught seamtress or did you major in sewing? A hat does not look like the easiest project.


    • Marge, I pretty much learned the basics of sewing from my grandmother. When I was 15 I took a sewing class for teens at our local community college, and I had 3 years of high school home ec (learned nothing there though). I made most of my clothes in high school, but it is only since I retired that I’ve gotten back to sewing. The more I sew, the better I get. (To paraphrase a famous golf quote, “The more I practice, the luckier I get.”)



    I would love to have one exactly like it in black! Taking orders? Love it Liz!


    • HaHa!! When I was in college, and my sister in high school, she bought a kit that included all the makings of a “Victorian” blouse, knowing full well that the only person in the house capable of putting it together was me. I agreed to make it and immediately regretted it because the directions were written by a stupid person and the fabric was slippery and I could go on but you get the picture. I vowed to never sew a stitch for another person, and I’ve kept that vow. So sorry, no hat for you! I’d be happy to send the pattern to you though.

      And thanks for the compliment!


      • I had a 2 piece scoop neck A line jumper dress in Kelly green broadcloth for my junior hi home ec project. I could not do it. My sister finished it for me. She learned to sew from our mother. I never had the patience and never will! But so wish I did.



        Ahhhh bummer. I was really serious, it looks so comfy ! I understand. I will keep haunting the haberdashery thrifts!


  4. Great hat, Lizzie! I, too, have some of that snoopy fabric. Mine is uncut yardage (found thrifting of course) in red and white. The snow has just started falling here….stay warm!


    • Thanks Abby. Isn’t it the best fabric? I have enough to make a tee shirt too, which I’ll eventually get around to. We awoke to a dusting of snow, and now “they” are saying a few inches. I’m really kind of over it!


  5. Well, now you’ve inspired me to get going on a project I’ve in my head had for awhile. I don’t need winter hats, but I do need sun hats and I’ve been wondering for a long time if they would be hard to make. You make it look easy and fun.


  6. Snoopy! =) LOVE the surprise lining! Your hat looks perfect for winter.

    I made a bunch of work hats for a friend a few years ago and we picked some of the craziest and fun linings because it made wearing a hat more fun.


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