Hangtags Revisited

Several years ago I wrote about hangtags and how they can hold a lot of information.  Since then my collection has continued to grow.

Today was one of those days where the weather was so bad that it made staying in all day very appealing.  I spent much of the day working in my files, cleaning up and doing some organizing.  In the process I photographed a few hangtags to share.  Keep in mind that these are actually about half the size I’ve photographed them.

This 1940s hangtag is for Dream Glo, which was a type of Bemberg rayon.  Like many of these tags, it contains the washing directions for the fabric.

Betty Winkle Blouses were made by the Goodimade Waist & Dress Co.

Here are two more tags that help the consumer deal with the fabric.

I’ve written a lot about the Modern Master series of print fabrics that was produced in the 1950s by Fuller Fabrics.  I was really happy to find this tag.

Tabak was one of the big California sportswear makers of the mid twentieth century.  Tie-ins was their name for matching coordinates.

The Vanity Fair tag on the left is from the 1930s, and the one on the right is from the 1950s.  Note the price inflation.

This card was probably an insert in a pair of gloves.  I have several from different companies.

Would you call this a hangtag?   It is really more like a charm, especially the reverse:

I’ve found several of these, still attached to the Vera scarves.  They are  like little bonuses.


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13 responses to “Hangtags Revisited

  1. These are all marvelous! I especially love the Dream Glo one!


  2. I always find it fascinating how something so small can sum up an era. Love them x


  3. Really enjoyed this post. I don’t have any vintage ones but I keep one from the modern label, Fatface above my desk – “i must have sunshine and freedom”. I wonder if it will become a classic….?!


  4. I noted that the Vanity Fair underwear not only went up in price, but down in quality–from rayon and silk to rayon and nylon. That Fuller Fabrics tag in really a find. I eagerly await the opening of the Lizzie Museum!


  5. Wow! I’ve found a *lot* of Vera over the years, but I have never seen one of those cute little charms. Love it!


  6. Have you ever seen an Associated American Artist hangtag? I’m curious if they had one like the Modern Masters series.


  7. Wonderful selection! (Though my fave is definitely the acadia/Everglaze tag…)


  8. Jeez the inflation!!!


  9. I love these! Keep posting them as you acquire them. So sweet. I collect unique hangtags from my clothes. Just yesterday I clipped the one from my new Portolano poncho. It has the family crest I imagine and “Est. 1895”. Somehow, a well designed thoughtful hangtag makes a garment more precious, doesn’t it?


  10. Oh the pretty vintage fonts! Everything about these tags is a tiny work of art! Thanks for sharing!


  11. love seeing the FFMM tag! i assume this was on a garment, not on yardage?


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