January in Review

It seemed like January came to a frozen stop at several times during the month.  I’m glad I had a lot of interesting things at home to keep the stir crazies away.

I reorganized my photo files and found a few gems, like the two paper moon photos above.  I rarely see these in my area, so these two are the only ones I have.

It seems like there has been at least a bit of snow on the ground the entire month.  This is the view looking west toward the Great Smokies, taken during my daily walk.

Some of those walks were on days so cold that I had to pull out the vintage Woolrich hunting pants, just like Papaw used to wear.

This is actually part of a hanging rack.  This was a project where the embroiderer could buy the printed fabric and then do the needlework.

Every month deserves a great novelty print.  This one is made into an apron, and that has an Italian theme.

The book of the month was the memoir of Christian Dior, written a year before he died.  I haven’t finished it yet, but will have a full report later.

Here’s a bit more of my Scottie doggie collection.  It might have been a lunch pail.

My major sewing project of the month was the skirt from this 1966 Givenchy pattern.  The skirt could have been made in a few hours, but I had to use wool doublecloth (navy on one side, grey on the other) and all the seams were finished by hand.  The results were worth it.

Just because Christmas is over does not mean one can’t fall in love with some really great 20th century Santa glasses.

All my photos are from Instagram.  You can view my photos at anytime by clicking the link in the right sidebar.




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4 responses to “January in Review

  1. This was a nice, relaxing read today, Liz…thanks.


  2. You have so many fun things, Lizzie, thanks again for sharing them with us!
    Reading your blog each day is a highlight for me. 🙂


  3. The paper moons make my heart swoon (sorry for the rhyme – but it’s true, they are so perfect!).


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