9 responses to “Vintage Logo Mystery

  1. Alas no bells but it is very pretty


  2. Christina

    I’m wondering whether this is manufactured or home-made? I have come across a dress pattern showing a mini-dress with a large single motif flower. I will try and find it. Maybe you have one Lizzie in your collection?


  3. Maybe it is Vested Gentress – the butterfly’s antennae created a “v” and the “G” stands for Gentress? My first thought upon seeing the dress was that it was a Vested Gentress!


  4. i think it is manufactured, not homemade. it’s just a little TOO regular to be made by even a good home-sewer. But it’s fairly basic. it’s two panels, and the only thing differing the front from the back is the bust darts.

    I didn’t think about those ’60s DIY panel dresses…i’ve never seen one with a logo, though, besides shaheen’s.


  5. Christina

    No luck in my finding that pattern but looking at the chrysanthemum? flower motifs I am reminded of Japanese drawn and painted textiles.The leaves are very nicely done. The button holes are often the give-away on an unlabeled piece if home-made.


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