Ad Campaign – Daniel Green Slippers, 1941

Do your Christmas shopping Easy

It’s all done as easily as this… Stop at any slipper counter or department.  Ask to see the new Daniel Green slippers for Christmas.  You’ll be in for a style treat!  And a color thrill!

This ad was written just before the US entered WWII, and while slippers made from cloth were not rationed in the States, I imagine that the pretty colors became a bit hard to obtain due to the scarcity of dyes.  I’ve read that many wartime brides wore white satin slippers because they were the only new – and appropriate for a wedding – shoes to be had.  I can picture a bride wearing the beautiful Militaire slipper at the top of the display.

I’ll be telling the fascinating story of another slipper company tomorrow.  This was a story that has been right under my nose, and it was just brought to my attention.  Some stories are worth the wait.


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13 responses to “Ad Campaign – Daniel Green Slippers, 1941

  1. Aileen Rykiel

    Oh how I remember these. It was not Christmas unless you received new DG slippers.

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  2. I can’t imagine wearing those slippers with heels around the house, but back then I guess woman didn’t get out as much, and had to feel glamorous at home.

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    Ahhh the days of water color ads. I actually did some “in the day” . My slippers now are not nearly so glamourous!

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  4. Now I feel like a schlub padding around the house in my boiled wool haflingers…

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  5. I love this ad! Imagine shopping like that today: having things shown to you by a sales person. I love slippers for some reason and collect oodles of them. My winter favs are boiled wool but only in a pretty color and feminine shape. One of my favorite items of clothing! Can’t wait for your story. I just found out that an heiress of the Bonnie Doon sock company (remember?) lived in my town.

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