Vintage Shopping – Part Two

I your weather is anything like mine (cold and snowing) then you’ll not be vintage shopping this week.  I hope you’ll enjoy instead part two of my virtual shopping expedition.

I thought at first that the above object was a folded hat.  Nope.

It’s a handbag, and a very nice one.  It still has the change purse, comb and mirror, and look at the pristine condition.

This piece of 1940s doggie print rayon fabric was a real heart breaker.  Besides the scattered holes, there were dark stains throughout.  

Hat or wig?  Does it even matter?

This great psychedelic print from the late 1960s was made into a maxi skirt.  

I stumbled across plaid heaven.  Most of these were pleated Pendleton skirts.

This beautiful suit has a label I’d never personally seen before, but thanks to my friend Monica, I knew the story behind the label.

Utah Tailoring Mills made custom fitted clothing for their wealthy clients.  The clothing was ordered through sales representatives across the country who placed the order using the client’s individual measurements and personal preferences.  To finish the garment, a personalized label with the client’s name was attached.

When I spotted this dress, my first thought was Geoffrey Beene.  Instead the label was Teal Traina, where Beene was designer from 1958 through 1963.  My guess is that this dress is later, from the late 60s, but it sure does have a Beene aesthetic to it.



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9 responses to “Vintage Shopping – Part Two

  1. That purse is sure nifty! And such a shame about that dog scarf! And I wonder what some of that custom clothing must have cost back then!


  2. We haven’t been thrifting/vintage hunting in a few months, so it’s nice to shop vicariously through your posts – thank you for sharing your finds!


  3. Thanks so much for sharing your glorious finds! You really must be in vintage clothing heaven.
    envious del, who’s not!


    • I’ve never really thought of my area as being particularly good for vintage finds, but I suppose it is a matter of thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Some of these finds are in the Atlanta area, where I always see fantastic stuff.


  4. Too bad about that dog fabric…but how *cool* is that Utah Tailoring Mills suit?! Very nifty find.

    I just sold a Teal Traina dress that I’m pretty sure was post-Geoffrey Beene, but had a wonderfully simple and chic design. Love the dress you spotted!


  5. Oh those plaid pleated Pendleton skirts made my heart start pumping!


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