Ad Campaign – Ocean Bathing Suits, 1925

Bright!  Brilliant colors in knitted blazer stripes… bright touches of piping in silk suits… bizarre embroidery over dark tone jersey… sea side and lake shore will throb with the color of smart bathing costumes.   Ocean Suits interpret the mode without over-stepping the dictates of good taste.

So comforting to know that “bizarre embroidery” does not over-step “the dictates of good taste!”

I’m posting this ad today mainly because I was so happy to see the order blank for The Crawl.  You might recall that I have this little book in my collection.  It is always nice to find an reference to an item like this booklet in a period publication.


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13 responses to “Ad Campaign – Ocean Bathing Suits, 1925

  1. Thanks, Liz…for bring back memories. My dad in his ugly black wool one piece suit with the circles cut out under the arms and my mom in HER ugly red wool suit. Mom’s was pretty much like a tank top suit. But what fun in 1940 at Devils Lake. Wisconsin.

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  2. Lol! Glad you got details on “The Crawl” and that embroidery is ok.

    FYI, I included several of your references including “Made in Scotland” from your earlier Feb 2014 post in my Resource Sharing today, so you should see the ping-backs.

    Am so delighted to share your blog with my own Dear Readers, as I know they’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

    Thanks again for all the reading and research and photographing you do. Please know it is much appreciated!



  3. <<>>> This exactly, hahaha! And I wonder what “bright” colors they have in these bathing costumes?


  4. Ooops, I was laughing about your comment on the bizarre embroidery and the dictates of good taste…

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  5. Doesn’t this make you wonder about the changing meaning of words. I think about this a lot when I run into words like “matronly” in fashion descriptions and it’s meant to be a good thing. Maybe bizarre meant charmingly whacky!


  6. Those suits are so cute! And I, too, am struck by the positive connotation here for the word “bizarre.” I am most curious to see this “bizarre” embroidery…hey, good job, copy writer. Maybe they just knew that word would pique interest!


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